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[comments are must-read, of course, link at the end... I LOVE watching the cognitive dissonance emanating from DailyKos... the History of 9/11 Truth will not be complete without a special chapter dedicated to and laudatory of the brave and incredibly self-controlled saints who toughed it out in that gatekeeping cesspool to keep tormenting the denying turds like Mia Dolan. Heck, they can't even label it a troll diary! The deniers are running scared! I mean--GRRRR, just look at how this truth-denying scumbag Compound F mocks Robert Fisk for being honest! GRR! Damn those truth-denying Kossacks! They're going to BURY us!! ;) -G]

Robert Fisk goes off the deep end!
by Compound F
Sat Aug 25, 2007 at 06:31:20 PM PDT

Robert Fisk is perhaps one the best known foreign correspondents covering the Middle East. He has covered everything from the Iranian Revolution to Lebanon to the current war in Iraq and has won multiple awards and honorary degrees for his coverage. He has even interviewed the head-lopping islamo-fascist devil Osama bin Laden on multiple occasions. He has apparently lost his marbles in his latest ravings questioning the official story on 9/11. Descend with me below the fold into the madness.

I am increasingly troubled at the inconsistencies in the official narrative of 9/11. It's not just the obvious non sequiturs: where are the aircraft parts (engines, etc) from the attack on the Pentagon? Why have the officials involved in the United 93 flight (which crashed in Pennsylvania) been muzzled? Why did flight 93's debris spread over miles when it was supposed to have crashed in one piece in a field? Again, I'm not talking about the crazed "research" of David Icke's Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster – which should send any sane man back to reading the telephone directory.

I am talking about scientific issues. If it is true, for example, that kerosene burns at 820C under optimum conditions, how come the steel beams of the twin towers – whose melting point is supposed to be about 1,480C – would snap through at the same time? (They collapsed in 8.1 and 10 seconds.) What about the third tower – the so-called World Trade Centre Building 7 (or the Salmon [sic] Brothers Building) – which collapsed in 6.6 seconds in its own footprint at 5.20pm on 11 September? Why did it so neatly fall to the ground when no aircraft had hit it? The American National Institute of Standards and Technology was instructed to analyse the cause of the destruction of all three buildings. They have not yet reported on WTC 7. Two prominent American professors of mechanical engineering – very definitely not in the "raver" bracket – are now legally challenging the terms of reference of this final report on the grounds that it could be "fraudulent or deceptive".

He is increasingly troubled? I'll say. What a stark-raving lunatic! Madness! Madness! Madness! Robert Fisk was once considered a serious journalist. I think we can now fairly diagnose him as completely out of the mainstream. His thalamo-cortical oscillations are obviously desynchronized, to say the least. How he managed to construct such an extra-rational set of queries while maintaining decent syntax will surely have psycho-linguists puzzling for decades. Scientific issues? Three buildings collapse at free-fall speeds? On their own footprints? Who are these so-called prominent professors of mechanical engineering? I think we have indeed found incontrovertible evidence of Chomsky’s universal grammar device operating perfectly while being completely detached from centers of critical thinking. The entire article is worthy of submission as a Letter to Nature on these grounds alone. Endow my chair already and alert Stockholm! What a fucking splash I'm going to make with these findings! I swear, I feel like just took a huge bong-hit of Tokyo Bokyo, and I’m doing the Australian crawl on the kitchen floor.

Man, I am glad that we in the reality-based community do not associate ourselves with fringe journamalists like Robert Fisk. All those people who gave him degrees and awards must be feeling pretty foolish now. Here's an article that righteously and gloriously debunks this sockpuppet for bin Laden. Suck on this machine gun of logic, Fisk!

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