Real Truther Banned From Amazon Discussion Forums - Someone Else's "Holocaust is a Hoax" Forum Deleted, Gone Without a Trace

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Well, it was bound to happen. The first to get banned was a very obnoxious 9/11 denier who was regularly defaming me and my family. Now it seems that the hammer has come down on several others including myself who had been posting in the Politics forums there, on the issues of 9/11 and subsequently on the issue of Israel and of course, the You-Know-What-O-Caust. In fact it seems that the Arab-Defamation League must have gotten to them because the entire holocaust discussion has been deleted and the two main contributors to the revisionist side, myself and "I.Comyns" have had all of all posts on ALL of the forums deleted. In this way they have deleted every single post I made on every 9/11 thread there, every anti-Zionist thread, and of course the holocaust thread. All gone, just like that.

To thank Amazon for saving me from wasting any more time arguing with fanatics of the various public myths I have cancelled my account there. This will also save me several hundreds of dollars every year--thanks Amazon!

In fact, I feel like an idiot because today I discovered that all of the "Holocaust Handbook" series books that Amazon sells at outrageous prices have been available all along as free PDF downloads at (ENG is of course for english, they have other languages available!)

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, I can get this stuff for free at last!

Rock on for truth, everyone.

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I try to buy from whenever possible, since it is a locally owned bookstore with an online presence. Occasionally, it doesn't have things that Amazon does have (and by that I mean books -- not iPods, cellphones, video games, gardening tools...)

No forums, but they strongly encourage reader reviews and very few books of the sort I look at HAVE been reviewed.

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God sent

That sucks that you dont have that audence, you make me and other people think. Dude You have that blessing which is a God sent. Do you think they are keeping A real truther file at the ADL

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thanks, A

it's all good, that's the idea, to make people think and not be afraid to speak--and really i'm following the lead of lots of others who have come and gone before. even if we don't know who they all are, we are all lucky that there were others willing to carry the torch while they could, and now it's our turn--none of us can do this ourselves, and none of us have to! like i said, it's not about any one issue, it's about the principles and values that we are willing to stand up for even when it's unpopular... kkep doing your part and we will win!