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Just no 'holocaust revision'. I wonder though, does 'holocaust revision' include questioning the so-called Jew's (Israeli Zionists) role in 911...

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yes i was wondering too

how they define the terms of banishment. For example, if i ask about that video that shows a plane's nose poke beyond the tower on impact, will I be banned? Dancing Israelis? etc etc.

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No doubt 'Rep' is trying to skew reality.

He states, "Refrain from proselytizing about specific theories that time and again, the majority of users at have rejected. This includes: TV Fakery, DEW theories and Holocaust Revisionism. For nearly two years, when these topics are raised at this site, the users who post the topics are shouted down, and voted down."

The only people who voted down any of the 'holocaust revision' or Israeli involvement were a few shills that we could all name. And even that didn't keep RT from getting, at least, 10+ positive votes and myself from breaking even, while the Shills who decried the truth got voted down. That's what pissed them off, ans that's the reality.

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whatever, im still banned..

al least gold is playing cop..
gold said in his first post..
Abuse the privilege. I'm addressing myself as well as everybody else.

Donate To 9/11 First Responders
Submitted by Jon Gold on Wed, 08/29/2007 - 10:47am.

god damn, gold is such a douche...

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Hey Inside, I saved some of your words from

the time of the 911B Censorship Telethon --
“There are some that want to limit the questions, and some with no limits to the question. I think it makes it harder to find the truth when there are limits to what you can question.”
-- Inside

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hah thanks lazio!!

we should have all known that something was going to happen on 911b when rt was banned... i knew it in my gut for sure, thats why i came here...

im not banned anymore and i think ill ask if rt can have his account back too, its worth a shot..

911b will never be the same in my eyes...

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please don't!

I don't want to go back there!! :)

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oh man, just to vote posts

oh man, just to vote posts up and down you do, plus you will see new posts when they come up..

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I winced at that sentence -- it's such complete bullshit. I think it is reasonable to insist that holocaust revisionism only be discussed in the context of 9/11 revisionism, and that's pretty much what was going on.

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Yes, Cass, And I'm sure you know...

that the discussions on Israeli involvement were & are usually met with the 'holocaust denier' tactic of killing the discussion. I never questioned anything regarding WWI or WWII until about the third time some Shill accused me of being a 'holocaust denier' simply for bring up the "dancing Israelis". Now there is no denying that the discussion needs to be broadened to include the true events of WWI & WWII to fully understand exactly how we got to this point.

I feel like I'm back in early 02' with people calling me 'kook' for telling them 911 was an inside job. Just like then the damn is cracking & the truth is coming out.

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I think most of us here suffer from "gretavo syndrome"

I never thought to question the dominant Holocaust narrative or Israel's right to exist AS A "JEWISH STATE" with all the racism that entails until about the umpteenth time someone came down on me like a ton of bricks over there for some incredibly moderate statement (like, gee, it wouldn't be surprising if Silverstein was involved...) It's really counterproductive (for them) because once you get over the taboo of thinking for yourself in this area, the plunge down the rabbit hole is pretty immediate and total. That is, I won't personally challenge aspects of Holocaust history because it is not my area of expertise, but I will for damn sure point out its role as the enabling sacred myth of Israel AND that aspects of the popular understanding lack a real basis AND that Israel practices apartheid and should be treated much as we treated South Africa in the eighties AND that the PNAC document has a twin named "A Clean Break" AND that both docs were written by some of the same neocon characters...

I read Primo Levi's "Surviving Auschwitz" a few weeks ago and there is no question that being interned there absolutely, horrifically sucked. Therefore, I think gay people are owed their own state and the right to bulldoze houses and shoot kids...

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Don't forget the gypsies either...

Exactly! I demand my own state on the Isle of Lesbos! Sure I wasn't even born in 1945 and am not German, but gay people in Germany suffered greatly in the holocaust, and I demand reparations and a free pass to do whatever atrocities I wish. It might make more sense to carve my lesbian state out of Germany, but German weather sucks. And I have a traditional claim to the holy land of Lesbos. So the Greeks on Lesbos will just have to go. If they resist, they will be caged, false flagged, and slaughtered.

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Amen Cass, and everyone

I think they want the best of both worlds, basically intimidating people into being good sheep and making it look like they are all just really, well, agreeing with Jon Gold. You know that whatever Jon Gold decides he is going to cry about not enough people agreeing with him on will soon morph into a "disruptive topic". Whatever!

Cass, you hit the nail on the head. What pushed me to look closer at stuff that I really had not had any inclination to examine before was the incessant insistence that I better not even THINK about going there. That it was bad enough that I had issues with the Israel lobby in the US, that only anti-semites think Norman Finkelstein is absolutely not controversial (whenever the zionist-friendly harvard student paper refers to Dershowitz's worst nightmare he is always called "controversial professor norman finkelstein")

I am really not even that concerned about "exposing" the truth about the holocaust. I see it more as a way to start disciplining the Zionist shills. If they want to deny 9/11 go ahead, but if you think the way to do that is by accusing 9/11 truth people of being holocaust deniers then you darn well better be prepared to answer all the tough questions that exist that call into question the notions of "denial" you are equating. I understand the view (that I share) that lumping the holocaust in with 9/11 is not our best strategy, and I don't raise the issue in public. On the other hand, it doesn't help us that people generally are totally in the dark about what "holocaust denial" really involves--most people imagine evil skinheads (I really don't like skinheads--see stormfront for what I mean) going around saying absurd things like "Hitler didn't cause the deaths of ANY Jews!"

Most people do NOT (as I could not have) imagine a guy like David Cole very thoroughly inspecting the grounds at Auschwitz, including the pool, and being given false information by the tour guide. Most people will therefore also never know that it took death threats from JDL goons (what? there are Jewish terrorist groups operating in the US? shock!) to shut him up. They will probably also not know that Jewish terrorism, or better put Zionist terrorism (I can't think of a Jewish terrorist who operated except as a Zionist), existed before anyone could have figured out what was meant by "Islamofascism".

Would I care about any of this if it wasn't for the fact that my tax dollars are used to fund ethnic cleansing in Palestine and to murder arabs and muslims en masse in a bogus "war against terror"? Sadly it probably would never have crossed my mind to look into any of it. As concerned as I have always been about poverty and injustice (from growing up as a "rich" American in some very poor countries) I was not awakened to the ugly truth until 9/11. Nothing can change that now, and no one is going to tell me what I may or may not study, what ideas I may or may not entertain. That's the thing about all of this--it is much bigger than any of the details involved. It is about the fundamental freedoms we were all taught to value. It is about fighting while we still can some very sick people before they can consolidate their power through an insurmountable technological advantage.

This is our calling, and we will not fail.

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It doesn't look good

Is Larry Silverstein off limits? What about Dov Zackheim? What about the Lavon Affair, the King David Hotel, the USS Liberty? What about ownership of the big media corporations who are all accessories to 9/11?

I fear that 911b is now ruled by gatekeepers doing damage control.

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anyone risk losing their posting priveleges

to ask? i wonder if 911b are monitoring this here site...

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"i wonder if 911b are monitoring this here site..."

of course they are. we're the castoffs. they've gotta keep an eye on us unruly folk. loose change: final cut (israel not included) hits theatres soon!

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things that make you go hmmm

I put a post over there to try and get a further clarification on the "Holocaust Revisionism" limitation.

Will my post disappear?
Will I get banned?
Voted down for asking a dumb question?
A decent response?
Voted up?

Can't wait to see.
Love hanging with the castoffs.

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So far you have +seven votes.

I just added this as my first post back.

"It's great to have uncensored (real-time) comments back.

That said, someone mentioned Gilad Atzmon a few posts back & I would like to share some of his knowledge so you know where us "Holocaust Deniers" (as we're labeled) are coming from.

"Israel is the fruit of Zionism and the Zionist ideology was well established before Hitler was born.

Moreover, there is good reason to believe that Hitler developed some of his anti-Semitic arguments after reading early Zionist texts. From Ber Borochov he could learn how socially abnormal the Jews were ('The socio-economic structure of the Jewish people differs radically from that of other nations. Ours is an anomalous, abnormal structure' Ber Borochov, 1897, published in Moshe Cohen (ed.), Nationalism and the Class Struggle: A Marxian Approach to the Jewish Problem, 1937). From Jabotinsky he could learn how crucial blood purity was. The quotes cited above suggest that Zionism and Nazism are very similar in spirit (both are nationalistic movements inspired by concepts of racial purity). One thing, however, is clear: Zionism pre-dates Nazism."

"While before the war Zionist organizations collaborated with the Nazis transferring German Jewish wealth to Palestine, during the war, when the scale of the disaster had already been revealed, very little was done by Zionists around the world to help their brothers and sisters in Europe. One particular incident should be mentioned here. Towards the end of World War II Adolf Eichmann (on behalf of Heinrich Himmler) offered Rezso Kasztner, a Zionist Hungarian leader, the freedom of up to one million Jews in return for 10,000 trucks. Surprisingly enough, this offer was ignored by the Zionist organizations that had realized by then that the annihilation of European Jewry would help generate enough support among the nations for the future establishment of the Jewish state. Apparently, the Nazi offer was reduced to a single train and just 600 devoted Zionist Hungarian Jews. Clearly, the Zionists were interested in saving neither assimilated nor Orthodox Jews.""

To understand the present we must understand the past. Sorry if that doesn't sit well with some, it is true that "the truth hurts".

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let freedom reign!


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Gilad Atzmon is great

I can't quote him often enough saying that neoconservatism is globalized zionism. really when you think about those early zionists watching hitler's rise to power you can't help but see them licking their chops knowing what an ace in the hole they had in him as far as bringing their crazy idea to fruition. could Hitler be the most destructive "Useful Idiot" in history? Is all the talk we hear about the Bush family's collaboration with the Nazis intended as limited hangout to protect all the other people helping Hitler? I think the real truth probably IS that ugly otherwise it wouldn't be opposed so fanatically...

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"could Hitler be the most destructive "Useful Idiot" in history?

LOL, It's gonna be a close call between he & cheney / bush. I think the truth is a WHOLE LOT UGLIER than most can imagine. And I can imagine some pretty f'd up shit.

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My thoughts

I think holocaust revision is a segue topic when you are talking about zionism or israeli involvement in 911, but as far as being directly related with 911 issues, it's not. I'll talk israeli involvement all day long on there.

I think I would also point out the key phrase he uses

"Refrain from proselytizing"

proselytize: to convert or attempt to convert as a proselyte; recruit.

Basically that boils down to, stay on topic in a thread. I think the people who cry anti-semite when the subject of israeli involvement comes up will continue to make total asses out of themselves just like the ADL does.

If I have my way RT I'll see to it that you get reinstated.

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don't sweat it, OWN!

I appreciate the thought, but 911B can B with or without me. The real test of their tolerance I think will be this. I will continue my exile, self-imposed if that's what it amounts to (a boycott?) I will also therefore be free to criticize anything and everything I see there (I'll still read it of course). Then we will see if people who choose to still contribute comments and blog posts here at WTCD end up being criticized for continuing to associate with an uncompromising 911B critic. We can then have a yardstick by which to measure 911B's level of dedication to free inquiry and freedom of thought. I don't want to presume to much but I think that allowing free commenting back could well have had something to do with the fact that they saw that they needed their contributors as much or more than their contributors needed them. Checks and balances, etc. In fact, go ahead and think of this as a WaTChDog site... :)

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well yeah

The site was user driven content. You eliminate the ability for the users to interact and solve mysteries as they unfold, and you pretty much kill yourself. It only took them 6 weeks to figure that one out. I don't think they will really care about cross site interaction, but I'm sure someone will run their mouth about someone else personally and start a shit storm.