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I think that Bush is part of a crime family, but like all mafia, there are sometimes turf-wars. This time, the Bush Crime Family got outfoxed by another crime family. It seems reasonable to gather all the information we have about ALL the likely perpetrators of 9/11. Who could the criminals be? Let's see . . .

-who had spies in our country living next to the supposed hijackers?

-who was captured celebrating in view of the attacks, who had vans with explosives, cash, box-cutters, other people's passports?

-who failed lie-detector tests but were quietly allowed to leave the country on "visa violations?"

-who would like to pin the blame on Saudi Arabia?

-who called for a "new pearl harbor?"

-who wrote about the need to "secure the realm?" (bonus point: where is that realm?)

-who took ownership (with insurance terrorist rider) of the Twin Towers shortly before 9/11?

-who took out put options on the United and American Airlines?

-who was in charge of the 9/11 Commission?

-who owns the media?

-who owns congress?

-who owns most of the presidential candidates for the 2008 “election?”

-who benefited from the invasion of Iraq?

-who is helping to foment unrest in Iraq, alongside US soldiers?

-who has an exalted history of engaging in false-flag terror attacks?

-who is trying to get us to invade Iran?

Guess who?

This list, drawn from memory, may represent the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Feel free to add more or critique as necessary.

Here is the ABSOLUTE best summary of Larry's links to 9/11 and "Israel" (meaning Mossad & the Likud wing of the Israeli gov't):


The above link provides details of Mossad’s involvement as well.

Here is an interesting read about how 9/11 "truth" that manages to avoid all the above details is allowed to slip through and appear in the mainstream media: http://www.iamthewitness.com/Bollyn-9-11-Controlling-the-Message.html

(FYI, I don’t know anything about Bollyn – have heard that he’s suspect but I don’t know why.)

Maybe Bush let it happen and the Israeli Mossad made it happen. LIHOP AND MIHOP. (FYI, I think that Cheney is definitely on the MIHOP side.) Unless Bush invades Iran, I predict that the media will try to pin 9/11 entirely on him. He was afterall in charge on 9/11 but went AWOL, he stalled an investigation, he wouldn't testify publically, under oath, or on his own. On the other hand, maybe the Mossad are using the threat of blaming Bush for 9/11 only as blackmail to invade. Afterall, if Bush testifies, he might point a few fingers.

(Then again, all they need to do is plant an intern in Bush's office, wait for the inevitable affair, and then threaten to reveal the affair. [Afterall, who saves a dress with semen on it? Any women you know?] As a twist on this technique, they kill the intern and frame the politician, aka Condit, Scarborough, etc. It's a mini-false flag attack. Or maybe they already have the goods on Bush already. Remember that gay fake reporter who visited the whitehouse a lot after hours? Wasn't he really a professional escort?)

Don’t get me wrong. I think that Bush is culpable. He probably isn't smart enough to have planned it - but I am sure he knew what was going down. Cheney probably just told him, "don't worry your pretty little head; I'll take care of everything." Certainly plenty of other Bush clan members were implicated. And Bush had to have signed the order taking guns away from pilots, he saw all the PDBs, etc. And since then he has done a bang-up job of destroying our country, our laws, our economy, our state of mind, and our relations with others abroad. He knowingly lied us into a war and is therefore directly responsible for the deaths and maimings (physically and psychologically) of our troops. And we have had close to one million Iraqis die as a direct result of the invasion; I don't know how many Afghanistanis. Untold millions are suffering, displaced, raped, their homes destroyed. But I still very much doubt that Bush and members of his administration were the _only_ ones.

Right now, the current lie is that it was 19 arab hijackers, mostly Saudis, who orchestrated the events of 9/11. Some people are, wittingly or not, framing the opposite of that story to be simply "bush did it," or "it was an inside job." Instead of allowing for the opposite to be "select members of our gov't working in concert or directed by persons from another country or sympathetic to another country." So Bush could be left to hang all by himself.

I do feel like our country has been taken over, with collusion from Bushies to be sure, but taken over nonetheless. By Israel.

I am afraid of a nuclear false-flag attack coming to the US to be blamed on Iran. Wake up!