The Battle for Blogger

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There's been a sea change over at 911blogger over the last week to ten days. In the preceding couple of months, criticism of the anti-CD brigade had intensified, specifically of Jon Gold. In addition, criticism of the disingenuous objections to anti-Zionism at the site (i.e., Gold pretending that the word has a meaning other than support for a "Jewish" state in the former Palestine)was increasing.

Now Loose Nuke (aka Rancho Truth, paxvector, Erik Larson) is a moderator, supposedly added to the existing ones (jkeogh, oranguatan, LeftWright) and not replacing them, but unabashedly running interference for Gold by a) posting his own anti-anti-Zionist remarks at every opportunity (generally as part of a defense of Gold) and b) more annoyingly, by deleting posts. The frequency of post deletion in threads in which poster(s) was/were arguing with Gold has reached absurd levels, at which Gold must go back to edit otherwise absurd strings of his own remarks to reference the posts that were deleted. Just this morning, a comment from Robin Hordon was zapped.

I strongly encourage people posting anti-Zionist and/or Gold-critical comments at 911blogger to take screen shots. Even at a site whose "controlled" (read: fake) nature has been well-established, imo, I find the Orwellian memory hole approach to controlling discourse particularly chilling and offensive. I'd like to document it.

UPDATE: "Crime" - Political context = Utter and complete bullshit

Loose Nuke writes...
WARNING re Comments: Off topic, racism and personal attacks

The subject of this thread is about on CBC- comments that are entirely off-topic, have racist overtones, include personal attacks and/or other rules violations are being removed.

[The passive voice always comes in handy for this kind of statement, doesn't it, Loose? Rather than man up and say, "I am removing comments" you pretend the comments are simply deleting themselves, out of a sense of shame, maybe. -- c455]

Commenters should review the rules here:

9/11 was a crime, and crimes are committed by people, sometimes with the authorities and resources of organizations and states. 911Blogger has always covered, and will continue to cover evidence related to the 9/11 crimes, including evidence that implicates certain people, organizations and states. Blaming 'Zionists' or 'Jews' for 9/11 is no more appropriate that blaming 'Arabs' or 'Muslims', or 'Christians' or 'Caucasians'.
Submitted by loose nuke on Tue, 11/17/2009 - 3:51pm.

This is a mind-blowingly simplistic reduction of EVERYTHING WE ALL KNOW about 9/11. To call 9/11 a crime and its perpetrators criminals without reference to the various apparatuses of various deep states qualifies is what I'd call Fake Truth 2.01. It was just some guys who did it. It doesn't matter whether they were Muslims, Zionists, Christian End Times enthusiasts, whatever -- they were just guys! If they were acting with the resources of a state behind them, it doesn't really matter which state. They were just Joe Schmoes (or more accurately, Ahmed al-Schmoakis), knocking over the Twin Towers rather than knocking over the corner bodega.