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With just one problem--the dancing Israelis never said "their bosses sent them to document the attack as it happened". They said that they were filming the attacks once they realized they were underway so as to document it, much as anyone else who pointed a camera at the towers once they were struck did. The difference of course is that the Dancing Israelis were a) happily doing it and b) according to the FBI working for a Mossad front company. It is such a damning story when told truthfully that we should not make mistakes in telling it, imo.

Comfort Zones....

There is one reason for the "Left gatekeepers'" reticence re. 9/11 that seldom gets mentioned, and I imagine this is because of one particularly powerful and coercive aspect of modern political correctness.



This fact, for many, is a huge, massive, "don't even think about it", type of problem... the sort of thing that will cause people to stand there with their fingers in their ears, yelling "Shut up, I do NOT want to hear about it, true or otherwise". This is possibly a reason (amongst others of course) for the blanket censorship of 9/11 on many "Left Gatekeeper" websites.

Right from the time the North Tower came down, the media, the Bush Administration and the powers-that-be in general pinned the blame upon "brown skinned people of the Islamic faith" without any proof or credible evidence. I too, believed the pundits and commentators, alongside the huge majority of the public who easily went along with it; it mapped neatly onto our general pre-programmed comfort zone. We here in the West have been battered by the media for years and years that "all Muslims are terrorists or potential terrorists" and are so used to hearing about Islam and Muslims in a negative sense, and we have collectively developed a sense of familiarity and ease in being able to identify the "boogeymen in the closet", as always being "those bearded guys with funny headgear who don't have the same God as we do and all they think about is killing innocent people".

To put it an alternative way, 9/11 Truth is a big threat to those who regard the world's Muslim community as the arch-enemy, those who have authorized the "war on terrorism", or those who hold hatred towards people of that religious faith, or middle eastern ethnotypes. This brings up an obvious question: Who regards Arabs and Muslims as "the great evil, the permanent enemy"? In amongst the list of those who hold such sentiments, is the "Big UH-OH"... which in turn leads us to an area which is, and remains out of bounds, a taboo, even in the greater 9/11 Truth community, for a set of obvious, strategic reasons.

To offer a personal illustration of such, I shall recall a quite recent and eye-opening experience:

I attended a talk a couple of years ago by a leading light of the 9/11 Truth Movement, for whom I have nothing but the utmost admiration and respect. After the sell-out lecture (which was concise, eloquent, hardhitting and left me with *zero* doubt that 9/11 was an inside job), I waited in a long line at the table as he signed books for audience members. By chance, only a few hours previously, I had watched a clip (on youtube) featuring the infamous "dancing, high-fiving Mossad agents", being interviewed on an Israeli chat show. These guys freely admitted (in Hebrew, with English subtitles), in a public setting, that they had "been sent by their bosses to document the event", by videotaping the attack as it happened. So, as I waited in line, a question formulated itself in my mind: "These agents, on their own admission, had advance knowledge of 9/11, and were thus guilty of 'accessory before the fact' to the worst crime in American history. They were in FBI custody but were let go without charge, and quietly sent home to Israel, and we were told via a government spokesman that evidence linking these people with 9/11 is classified....."

Eventually it was my turn to greet the speaker, and I posed my question. He looked back at me with a slightly bemused expression of "why are you asking ME this?", and "what do expect me to do about it"? In other words, "if I follow this or any similar line of inquiry, I shall be name-called and denounced as a "Jew Hater" or "Holocaust Denier" (alongside Eric Hufschmid and others), and thus trash my reputation? I fully understand his reticence to follow this, or any similar leads that point towards "The Great Unmentionable". It is like the kiss of death.

I personally have no bias towards or against any racial or religious group, that I am aware of. But (largely) because of the Holocaust, we have been taught to avoid any "association with bad things" regarding how we look at history's most persecuted people. Such an attitude, with all good intent I am sure, has become part of our culture.

As to how this attitude translates into looking at, and investigating 9/11, it appears that we have a massive problem of a circular nature on our hands, a deeply embedded roadblock, that we are enforcing and strengthening, much of the time without even realizing it. And worst of all, there is nothing we can do about it, unless we transgress the limits of polite or acceptable areas of inquiry. If we cannot look at and examine *EVERY* aspect of 9/11, then there will always be parts of the puzzle which will remain unsolved, as as such, we face the probability of going to our graves without ever seeing justice being served.

If only that were the only problem

I find your points valid; but what you're talking about here--wrong and difficult though it is--might be termed a kind of 'rational' resistance to 9/11 truth, in that, politcally, there is a kind of tactical 'rationale' behind it. It makes political sense for Zionists to be resistant to any change in the storyline of 9/11 that would shift the blame away from purported opponents of Israel. But what has been talked about for much of this thread is resistance of a different, more peculiar and--in my experience--acutely maddening sort. The kind where different kinds of factors--not necessarily rational motives (like those touched on in some of the comments above)--need to be taken into account. The kind that comes from the very sources that should very much welcome seeing the blame shifted away from Muslims and Arabs and Central Asians.

The kind of resistance, for example, that comes from sources like Counterpunch and Antiwar.com, which routinely criticize Israeli policy, and the influence of the Israeli lobby in the US, and Zionist ideology in general. Or from antiwar activists who are OPPOSED to the wars that Zionists generally DO support; who opposed the sanctions that resulted in so many deaths for the Iraqi people during the '90s; and who, in more recent years, support antiwar actions, and try to make others aware of the horrible effects of war on the people in the countries that the US has invaded. People who DO feel compassion for the people in those countries.

Sometimes, a different kind of 'political correctness' than the one you describe can rear its ugly head. When truth activists try to point out that the scale of the operation was beyond the capabilty of a loose organization of Muslim guerrillas--and that it instead would be more characteristic of sophisticated intelligence organizations--then we sometimes here the 'racist' charge hurled at us. That's right--try to undermine a storyline which is making racist wars possible, and you might yourself get called a racist (Cockburn of Counterpunch has resorted to this ploy, and I believe Ward Churchill has as well). They promote a kind of perverse view where it is somehow considered non-racist, pro-Muslim, pro-Central Asian to attribute 9/11 to such people. They look at these CIA/ISI (and, yes, possibly Mossad as well) flunkies and perversely pretend to see in them some kind of revolutionary vanguard striking back against 'the Man'--the big, bad, bumbling imperialist power (which is, of course, too 'bumbling' to have carried out the attacks against itself...'Say what? Who's been benefitting from 9/11?.....Oh...well...ummm...we'll be putting a stop to that real soon!; As soon as we get people to stop wasting time with you truthers!').

Listen to some of these reactions, and it's as if they see 9/11 as something to be proud of, something that attests to the capability and resolve of whoever did it--and damned if they are going to shift their view from Third World peoples to western imperialists where this question is concerned!

Then there are those who might not go to this extreme but who, feeling guilty over US foreign policy, saw in 9/11 a kind of comeuppance for the US, and saw in the offical story of 9/11 a valuable lesson which could be used to educate the wider public about the truth of this foreign policy and where it could lead.

This, of course, is the classic 'blow-back' interpretation of 9/11. Many 9/11 truthers once held to this view. David Ray Griffin has more than once described how he once did, and how he gradually came around to understanding how false the 9/11 official story really was/is.

And yet, and yet...there remain so many others who remain utterly stuck, like ostriches with their heads in the ground; who seemingly have absorbed none of the information that has come out about 9/11 over the past several years, and who seem determined not ever to absorb any of it.

Infrastructure of "perception controls"...

Just to clarify my own views of why my beliefs are that the greatest force against 9/11Truth hitting the mainstream being "Zionism", let me say that its with a deliberate broad brush and equally deliberate lack of "specifics" that I use to paint this picture. Its obvious to me and my 60 plus years in the USofA that certain elements within our society have been generating and propagating negative stereotypes of the Arab-Muslim world...and to me it started with Walt Disney's cartoon-ish work way back when, and it continues with Hollywood's constant and deliberate association between terrorists and the Arab-Muslim world. This is not by accident...it is purposeful. And I argue that one of the main reasons for this is that Israel is fundamentaly surrounded by these Arab-Muslim "terrorists"...or so Zionists would have us all believe.

So, when I use the word Zionism I'm most accurately making note of the infrastructure of perception controls long in use by those who need to have Israel's conduct seen positively and understandibly, while seeing the Arab-Muslim world, most notably Palestine, as being the "evil doers". This is evident and self protective of Israel and Jewish people all around the world. Its actually quite an old story.

The "perception controls" are in movies, TV shows, magazines, lectures, books, news reports, newspaper articles, and on and on and on...its a multi-pronged and very comprehensive effort...again, well designed. So, when a story that might switch perceptions totally upside down such as the "Dancing Israelis" story, or other information connecting Israel-Mossad-American Jews to 9/11, have a chance of doing their truthful work, all elements of the Zionists "perception controls" click into high gear to shut it down.

And THIS is where corporate media and the alleged "independent media are affected by those few folks within those organizations that cleverly carry out the "scrubbing" of anti-Israel stories and the "expansion" of anti-Arab/Muslim stories.

This infrastructure is so well established that it goes on without notice...indeed the only time its noticed is when sories are NOT so "scrubbed" in the favor of Israel or "expanded" in disfavor of the Arab-Muslim world...again most notably-Palestine.

When somebody studies what happened to the peace movements coming out of the 60s, arguably the biggest and loudest movement...but by far the LEAST EFFECTIVE and most marginalized movement within the cluster of progressive start-up movements that were born back then, I will argue that its this same Zionism that cleverly, quietly and persistantly has infiltrated the peace organizations and made sure that the peace movements would NOT be effective at ending wars. This also ties back into a large portion of Israel's economy...making-improving-selling weapons and weapon systems...but moreso, there is one thing that Zionists HAD to make NOT HAPPEN...something that the peace movements HAD to be prevented from accomplishing....

...and that is to PREVENT the US based peace organizations from continuing its opposition to ALL WARS and OCCUPATIONS around the world during the time periods when the USofA was not conducting one of its public wars....

This is just another part of the Zionist "perception control" apparatus because the one most constant- warring-occupying activity that has long been a constant is the Israel-Palestine conflict. Its THIS conflict that needs constant "scrubbing OR expanding" by the Zionist "perception control" apparatus.

Consequently, if the story ever comes out to the average citizen of the USofA about the "Dancing Israelis", and other Israeli connections with the mass murders and attacks on 9/11, then the horse will be WAY out of the barn regarding the many truths regarding Israel's ultimate and powerful role in the conduct of the USofA. And that horse will never make it back into the barn...it would be a done deal!

THIS...is why Zionism is the largest blockage to 9/11 Truth coming out...it threatens Israel, and more importantly as one American Jewish fellow pointed out to me in Seattle a few months back, it will expose the exact levels of political-financial-military-foriegn policy "controls" that Israel, AIPAC, and American Jewish people have regarding governing and directing our country.

To Zionists this simply cannot be allowed to happen. And since the events of 9/11/2001 are the most historically and tragically memorable events in most people's minds, having these events of 9/11 being seen as anti-Israel, or pro/nuetral-Arab/Muslim would be an absolute catastrophy for Israel.

Once the truth about Israel's conduct and international political-military influences begins to flow, it will be very hard to stop until ALL the truth is hanging out there on the laundry line.

I suggest that the likes of Goodman, Chomsky and Zinn are well aware of this potential...

Seeking truth is very important...and directing sunshine exposing lies is part of this process.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is facing the veryt same forces that dismembered the peace movements and has managed to get the US government under its tow. THIS...is very powerful stuff.

9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE...and begin to practice CI...Civil Informationing...both are good ideas.

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA