Shayler implodes

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I was browsing through 911B when I found a post on David Shayler claiming to be the messiah. The post made reference to a UK 911 forum:

Shayler had earlier claimed to be a member of British intel and spoke several times about 911. I think a lot of guys here (wtcdemo), to their credit, have previously identified him as a disinfo agent. As predicted by truthers, the shills would eventually go haywire - Shayler is now in self-destruct mode.

Here is a short background on Shayler from the Glastonbury Symposium where he talked of 911.

"Originally an award-winning editor and journalist, David was recruited to the British intelligence organisation MI5 in 1991. After leaving in 1996, he and his then partner Annie Machon became whistleblowers for the internal 'crimes and incompetence' of the intelligence services, resulting in David's much-publicised spells in prison, and his recent court case over conflicts with the Official Secrets Act. His experiences in exposing hidden government plots and scandals has led him to become a leading icon in the new wave of 'truth campaigns' concerning 9/11, the subsequent 'War on Terror' and what he describes as 'false flag' terrorist acts."

The forum post claims this is what happened at the sympo "...An extremely tolerant and generally sympathetic audience sat in stunned silence as they endured an hour long narcissistic monologue during which a frail-looking David Shayler explained that he was not only the re-incarnation of the Christ but also the re-incarnation of King Arthur, Leonardo Da Vinci and a whole host of other historically significant characters..."

The perps must be getting desperate to now be pulling the plug on their shills and try to take away credibility from the movement. It took them a long time to develop and promote Shayler. I wonder who will implode next. (If he is just genuinely sick, my apologies to Shayler and family)

If you read the UK thread above, a lot of the posts were downright disinfo.

Edit: I just read more about the Glastonbury Sympo - they talk of crop circles and other "alternative" topics. No wonder the the people posting on the UK thread sounded far out.