Sibel Edmonds Drops Bombshell, Reveals 9/11 superSEKRIT, Finally Gets "Weight Off Chest"!

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Hah! Fooled ya, huh? Sibel just talked Turkey! I know all you 9/11 truthers were holding your breath for the last 5 plus years waiting for Sibel to spill the beans on the 9/11 wait! She already did reveal the big 9/11 SEKRIT, according to Jon Gold! She revealed that...drum roll please...
the "intimate" relationship between elements within the U.S. Government and Osama Bin Laden up until 9/11 came up under oath.

See there, then?! It was Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda all the time! Probably working with those evil corrupt Bush Administration bastards that were playing all those war games while those evil bastard islamo-fascist hijackers snuck through our air defenses (and CIT and P4T DON'T talk about the war games, so that proves they are hoaxes! if they were real genuine researchers, ALL THEY SHOULD TALK ABOUT IS THE WAR GAMES AND NOTHING ELSE)...See? Michael Ruppert was right all the time! Ruppert was the first out of the gate in 2001/2002 with the War Games and other LIHOP shi...I mean stuff, Sibel just corroborated it! Save that Crossing the Rubicon first edition - it's gonna be worth hundreds of dollars on Ebay soon...

Other 9/11 truthers, however, kind of felt like it was just a big tease, but that someday...someday Sibel would tell all about 9/11:
I do hope more follows---especially pertaining to 9/11.
Like she said, all the info she knows was not disclosed there, but a good amount was. I'd like everything she knows to be recorded--I'm afraid she will be murdered--I'm surprised she hasn't been--but I thank God she is still here and so willing to tell what she knows. I am definitly going to go to and watch/read more.

So, truthers, don't let up yet! Keep holding your breath and in a few more years, Sibel will finally get the rest of the story off her chest about the whole story regarding that special relationship between the Bush Admin and Al Queda/Bin Laden, mkay?