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"Yes, I should willingly blame Jews for all problems.
-=Mike "

No, no, by all means blame "the Arabs" and "the Muslims"--that's the only way you're going to convince anyone to support murdering them by the tens of thousands in order to secure the oil that props up the value of your precious and much over-printed dollar!

When it's time to blame "the Jews" like it was before WW2, you'll know because that's when people like the Warburgs and Rothschilds will arm a guy like Hitler in order to scare Jews into fleeing to Palestine to use as cannon fodder for their imperial designs.

Did it ever occur to you that the elites in this world could care less who is what? That they simply pit the little people against each other in order to better lord it over them? In just the same way that it served the elites' purposes to fund Hitler and his persecution of Jews in Europe it today serves their purposes to perpetrate 9/11 and blame it on Muslims so as to turn the world against them.

I don't blame people who don't want to believe that this is how the world works but that doesn't change the facts. What I cannot tolerate is when people pretend that those who point out these facts are doing so in order to persecute "the Jews" when in fact they are among the many victims whom we are trying to liberate from the conscience shocking manipulations of the world's rich bosses.

For the record, I consider people like David Duke, Daryl Bradford Smith, Eric Hufschmid, and similar sorts to be nothing more than provocateurs whose role is to frighten Jewish people into thinking that those of us who speak the truth hate them. Nothing could be fartehr from the truth. It's like saying that those of us who oppose Bush hate Americans and oppose Bush in order that the Islamofascist hordes will have an easier time conquering them and forcing their children to live under Sharia law.

Your tactics are growing quite old and wearing very thin. There are plenty of Jewish people who understand these things and understand that they are being manipulated. It is they who will eventually choose to reject the pressure to consider themselves perpetual victims in order that the elite can continue to hide behind manufactured fears of anti-semitism.

This is an extremely important point, everyone--those who claim that people like me act out of hate simply want to prevent all people from uniting against the people in control, and who through their schemes gave us the last century of bloodshed and destruction. Stand strong against these wolves and we will all win. Let them get away with their lies and we will all lose. they will betray EVERYONE. Guaranteed.