WTCDEMO Exclusive Scoop! The Nation to run hit piece linking 9/11 Truth Movement to Right Wing

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OK so I decided to sit in Harvard Square for a while after work today with my truth now sign and some pamphlets. A kid, maybe 17 or 18, wearing a red Che shirt stops to chat.

He tells me he has a friend who is an intern for the Nation and that he is working on a piece that will "expose" the ties between the 9/11 Truth movement to the right wing. He mentioned specifically "that movie you have coming out", and playing dumb I said "what movie? we have lots..." Loose Change, he said.


Well, I told him, I don't really think Loose Change is necessarily legit so it wouldn't surprise me, and proceeded to explain to him that there was a real truth movement and a fake one. And you're part of the real one he said. Yup.

He went on to explain that he was on the fence--obviously (from the shirt) he was very liberal and hated Bush, etc. BUT he said, he had reservations--why, he asked, if as I explained it was the neocons behind it, did they not include an Iraqi as part of the hijackers? We went on to argue this and similar points, very civilly and he only left when his freidns got tired of waiting for him.

While we were talking, one dunce had walked by asking me if I hadn't read Popular Mechanics in that way that some people do. The kid I was talking to was sympathetic, saying it must get tiresome to get that kind of "drive by" response instead of the guy stopping to have a real discussion. Yeah, I said, it does--thanks for being better than that.

So anyway, just a totally random validation of something I've been suspecting for a while as you all know. Let's see what the Nation ends up printing!