A Long Letter to the G man on Alex Jones, educational outreach suggestions, and Jesus as “self-hating” Jew

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I didn’t want to take up a lot of text real estate in the conversation thread on this so I thought I would post this as a full blog.

Regarding the whole Alex Jones, “Loose Change” media truth-show phenomenon and my take on it all, mildly disagree as you wish, my uncompromising, free-speech brother. I fully understand how hard-core truth-seekers about any subject hate the PR-related pragmatism of a “movement.” We want the full truth and the full truth only – half-truths or incomplete truths only lead to more cover-ups and more hidden things that perhaps we really ought to know about. Yet, when we are still struggling to get people to even logically consider the fact that films of WTC7 are clearly showing an obvious, classic controlled demolition job, and that huge commercial airliners don’t just liquefy when they hit reinforced concrete like at the Pentagon, the bringing into this 9/11 info-mix of the larger context of the publicly documented Israeli/Zionist agenda for the Middle East, and similar subjects, is a difficult thing to do when we are still at stage one: calling into the person’s ear that their alarm clock is ringing and they need to start opening their eyes a little bit. If they or we continue to sleep, the “terrorists” will win, as you know.

Regarding the Alex Jones topic, something pragmatically interesting that a friend of mine pointed out is that, although California or East Coast “liberal” intellectuals may be turned off to his “style” or schtick, Alex Jones does have a demonstrated ability to reach an audience we can’t, an audience that may not relate very well to you or I – an audience of southern conservatives, cops and military folks. Luke Rudkowski and his group also do a lot of NYPD 9/11 truth “outreach,” and they do it well, with patience, and in a fairly non-threatening way. And at this juncture, if I might interject, when the guns of the military-police state are all of a sudden pointed our way, some of that outreach work may be helpful down the road.

Another form of educational outreach, which I think is essential if you want to have any hope of intelligently revealing the fuller and more complicated 9/11 story, is to educate people about the marked differences between the faith of Judaism, the “ethnic identity” of being “Jewish,” and the modern, secular, racist political ideology of Zionism. We need to educate people that there are Jewish people who are morally anti-Zionists. We need to also explain to them exactly what “Zionism” is. If people understand the differences, then they will be able to understand that you can be anti-Zionism, but pro-Judaism. You can be Jewish, but not be a Zionist, and there are also different varieties or intensities of Zionism as well. In the interests of honest discussion of history and modern political reality, people also need to understand that criticism of the policies of the State of Israel should not be misinterpreted as criticism of the Jewish people. People need to understand that when a Jewish scholar criticizes the ideology of Zionism or the policies of the State of Israel, he or she is not doing so because of being a “self-hating” Jew -- he or she is doing it because they are being a “moral” Jew, and are commanded by God to speak out against injustice. People should also know that the label “Zionist” is in fact, if correctly used, not a racial slur. The word is commonly used by all supporters of the ideology of the “Jewish State” (Herzl’s der Judenstadt), as in the 1898 name given to their first official body, the “World Zionist Congress.” If the words “Zionist” or “Zionism” can be properly used in their correct and specific historical and ideological contexts, then when I say something like, “Richard Perle or Paul Wolfowitz are “right-wing Zionists,” the informed listener will readily understand that I am not referring to their Jewishness or ethnicity, but to the socio-political ideology that they advocate, and the agenda(s) that they work for. The term “neo-conservative” or “neo-con” also does not refer to their faith or ethnicity, for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, and Rice are all neo-cons, yet not Jewish. It is akin to labeling Dick Cheney a Republican and someone trying to connect the usage of that particular political label to Cheney’s professed adherence to the Christian faith. The two are as antithetical as Judaism is to Zionism. Also, for those keeping score at home: the Arabs make up the majority of “Semitic” peoples in the world, so the killing of an Arab to take his land actually falls under the category of “anti-Semitic hate crimes.” Calling Arabs “dogs” (kilab), and treating them as such also comes under the category of “anti-Semitic hate crimes.” The existence of Palestinian refugee camps, in and of themselves, come under the category of “anti-Semitic hate crimes.” The decades-long cry of “anti-Semitism” to halt discussion and cover over the “unpleasant” and morally embarrassing facts of its modern history, should never be employed again by the current apartheid regime of the state of Israel against any of its critics. If you criticize the U.S. government, are you suddenly “anti-Christian” because of your pointing out a few war crimes? Wouldn’t Jesus have spoken up about these things if he were here? Would you then call him a self-hating Jew? I’ll bet Rupert Murdoch and Bill O’Lielly would.

Another reason we should consider having this sort of educational campaign and more honest discussion is to prevent innocent people from being persecuted or harmed as the 9/11 story continues to unfold, research-wise. Remember the turban-wearing Indian Sikh guy working at a gas station in Texas just after 9/11 who was shot by a cowboy who thought that the “Ay-rabs did 9/11”? Imagine, if you will, if the American audience were to arrive at the realization that a small group of Israeli intelligence operatives were the ones who wired those buildings in New York, and that a relatively small cabal of Neo-con, Zionist, dual-national elements in U.S. government and private business worked together with members of the Israeli government and intelligence services to operationally and technologically bring about the events of 9/11 and launch the bogus “war on terror.” Let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t want to be a young orthodox Jewish kid living in Brooklyn or in Texas when such news hit the front page. Of course, this is, I’m sure, one of several reasons behind Abe Foxman from the ADL furiously visiting every major media executive’s office to pull all news coverage of the nearly two hundred Mossad agents rounded up and deported just after 9/11.
Although it is highly unlikely in this case, we know, however, from history, that Zionist organizations, including Mossad, have indeed “sacrificed” Jewish people if it was seen as necessary to their own larger agenda. Thus, Jewish persecution and anti-Semitism, both real and staged, beautifully play into the Zionist game plan, which is based upon the employment of the image -- We are a “uniquely and constantly persecuted” people that can only be safe if we have a state of our own with a 3,000 mile militarily controlled “buffer zone” between “us” and the barbarian world which “hates us.” Yet, in the modern world, as the Neturei Karta rabbis always point out, it is this very ideology of, and actions inspired by, Zionism itself that is at the root cause of all the anti-Semitism in the world. Bulldozing someone’s house simply because “you can” doesn’t make you a whole lot of friends on any planet.

It is my prayer and hope that no one from the innocent majority has to suffer because a small minority of fanatical, militant, right-wing Zionist elites, with their acquisitional eye on Eretz Yisrael, hooked up with the Bilderberg Globalists and the Republican Big Oil crowd for one of the biggest staged terror attacks of all time. 9/11 was indeed big, but it merely set the table and the conditions for their next attack, which we are now hearing from Zionist, CIA mole Michael Scheuer, will be “much bigger than 9/11.” This “prediction” comes from a retired CIA agent who headed the agency's secret unit “dedicated” to capturing Osama bin Laden. The secret unit was officially shut down a year ago because they got completely bored with trying to pretend they were looking for a dead patsy who they knew had already died over five years ago in a Pakistani military hospital in December 2001. Those who are in the know, and are honest, predict that the false flag that will be flown over the next treasonous “inside job” terror operation will be that of Iran. Any psychics in the house?

This next U.S.-Israeli co-sponsored false flag attack on America is for all the chips at the table. This time, they want to lock down the ‘hood forever. The PNAC and “Clean Break” strategy roadmaps are being followed to the letter. This July 2006 document “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,” is a report prepared by a study group at The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies. The name of the study group was "Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000." Its members included “The Prince of Darkness” Richard Perle, James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser. Their study group presented this strategy document to Binyamin Netanyahu upon his 1996 election as Israeli Prime Minister. With regards to the three year old, 1993 Oslo Accords’ “land for peace” deal, this new document contained a new and better plan called “peace for peace,” i.e. “if you are good and don’t bug us about getting any of your land back, we promise, for the most part, to not come into your little, mud villages and crush you like slaves.”

Anyways, that is all I can think of to say right now on these subjects.

Have an ale for peace down in old B town, buddy.

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