Anti-Semitism Rears its Ugly Head in Iraq and Kuwait

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"And they sit you into this little briefing room and you get this briefing about how, you know, you can't trust any of these fucking Hadjis, because all these fucking Hadjis are going to kill you. And Hadji is always used as a term of disrespect and usually, with the 'f' word in front of it."

Now I don't want anyone to worry--Hadjis are NOT Jewish semites, so it's not the bad kind of anti-semitism--you know, the one that is ingrained into our genetic code as non-Jews.

Nonetheless, it is still proof of how important it is for pro-semitic organizations like the Anti-Defamation League continue to be on guard, for this less vile form of anti-semitism may well someday manifest itself as people suggesting with absolutely no reason that the good semites, that is Jewish people (including those of eastern european, i.e. non-semitic origins) might be organizing themselves into groups with agendas that undermine America's security.

Never again! Let the suffering of the Hadjis be a lesson to all semites that anti-semitism is alive and as virulent as ever! Send money to the ADL and AIPAC NOW!!