The More the Story Changes, The More Alex Jones Stays the Same

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Oh, turns out it was all just a mistake! Oh! Woops! I guess there was no dark cloud in this silver lining for Loose Change Final Coverup's publicity.

As usual with the morphing stories from AJ, we are left wondering--why was the story so convoluted in the first place? Why was the "stop-loss" explanation offered and now seemingly nixed? And what is up with the DWI cited on a truthaction forum post that was the alleged reason they found him back in 2005? And why am I so stupid as to bite like a retarded fish with a death wish each time AJ or the Loose Change boyz are involved in some tabloid style publicity crap that ends up amounting to diddly squat?


From the rubble pile of 911B:

Prison Planet has a new article based on a conversation with Korey Rowe stating:

"According to Rowe, Army officials at Fort Drum, where Rowe was held for a day and a half, seemed uninterested in the case until their phone lines were incinerated by a barrage of calls from listeners who responded to our call to action yesterday morning.

It was at that point that officials checked into Rowe's record and immediately confirmed that he had received an honorable discharge and told Rowe he was free to leave, and even offered to pay his way to get back to New York. They were baffled as to why a warrant would be out for his arrest when he had clearly been given permission to leave the Army in 2005."

The rest of the article is at