Will All The Joo Haters Please Stand Up?

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The Zionist angle has never been something that I was terribly interested in. But I've noticed something recently. Well, not recently actually. I noticed it a long time ago.

I was banned from a site called Guerrilla News Network (GNN.TV) because someone called me an anti-semite. I hit back by calling the guy a loony cock and pointed out that for the many years I had been on that site I've rarely mentioned the word jew, semite, zionist, or even Israel. So I was permanently banned.

After that I decided to just LOOK at the holocaust history. Now I barely got into my history lesson when I noticed an intense argument that overshadows ANY study of the holocaust or Israel politics relative to the USA.

I found that there are laws in civilized societies that can land you in trouble for just THINKING or COMMUNICATING skepticism about the Holocaust! Wow!

That should be enough for any sensible human with a brain to want to figure this out.

I've recently read comments that describe this site and some of it's head honchos as spreading anti-jew hate and being anti-semitic.

So I have to say, I have not noticed one single instance of jew hating going on here. Nor have I noticed jew hating going on at 9/11 Blogger.com before the controlled demolition of that site.

In my short 28 years of life as history skeptic, I've RARELY experienced true jew racism and jew hatred. Of course we've all experienced passer-bys who hurl racist insults, but, like the space-beamers, I don't include these people in any serious debate or historical review of the facts on any matter (not just the holocaust).

By far the only jew hatred I've experienced is un-warranted accusations thrown around like confetti.

I often wonder about my first meeting with a newly formed 9/11 Truth group here in Pennsylvania. Very first meeting it was stated that we wouldn't be labeled as 'anti-Semites' for talking about Israel. It was my understanding that Israel was off the table!

Well, nothing is off the table with me. And when people start instructing me to push perfectly warranted and sensible arguments off the table because of fear, I have an instant skeptic sensor that starts beeping like crazy.

Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you with my rant. My main point here is that if you are going to call someone a jew hater or accuse them of hating jews, or being anti-Semites...please post examples to back up your accusations.

I'm starting to fear that I may be a jew hater myself and just don't know it...and therefore I sub-consciously block out examples of jew hatery on this site and others.

I have so much more to say about this issue but I don't have time.

Does my skepticism of the anti-holocaust denial laws make me a jew hater / anti-Semite?