Support the GI Resistance -- Korey Rowe Arrested for Desertion

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Despite my personal challenges as a member of Smart-Alecks Anonymous, I am going to refrain from mentioning Michael Chertoff's gut's solidarity or the ever-present specter of the AJ-esque publicity stunt and just keep it at brass tacks level: People who physically resist the war deserve our support first and foremost, and our cynicism and smart-assery only after that.

Iraq Vets Against the War
Courage to Resist
Local newspaper coverage

I'll add to this later. For now, I find it bizarre that the LC Forum people seem a little ambivalent about supporting Korey qua deserter -- like it's insufficiently macho or something. It makes me want to revive that (problematic) slogan from the Viet Nam era, and revise it for current use: "Girls and Boys Say Yes to Boys and Girls Who Say No, in any and all combinations!"