Spring 2009 LIHOP Offensive - Here they go again!

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The big question as our mounting pressure forces places like HuffPost to scramble to keep up in order to retain their credibility is whether what we are seeing is 1) an act of conscience driven by newfound courage or a calculation that exposing the truth is now safe or 2) the latest attempt at a limited hangout to preserve the Islamofascist myth.

Knowing for certain whether it is 1) or 2) is not nearly as important as what many of the commenters on HuffPost are doing which is to use the opportunity to immediately, carefully, and consistently bring to light the kinds of evidence like the demolition of the WTC and the lack of credible evidence of genuine "hijackings by arab muslim terrorists" that are at odds with a LIHOP scenario. And yes, we should put the term LIHOP front and center because what worked in the movement will work in the mainstream--marginalizing as out of touch with the facts those who persist in assigning responsibility for 9/11 to "Bush/Cheney and al Qaeda" as a unit, since this is precisely the kind of framing that would seem to appeal most to the powers that be who are now "on Obama's side against terrorism".

All our work as real truthers has been with this goal in mind--to prevent the inevitable exposure of the truth from being taken off the rails into some bogus LIHOP-land of limited hangout and fresh new myths. *Our* time, in other other words, is coming!