What About the Old Pearl Harbor?

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Call me crazy. I just got Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnet, a book that has gotten somepublicity in the mainstream press despite its "shocking" claim that FDR knew full well the Japanese were going to attack and Let It Happen On Purpose. He cites evidence that we had broken all the necessary Japanese codes and that on top of that the Japanese were quite brazenly or carelessly repeatedly breaking radio silence.

FDR LIHOP is certainly not a shock to any of us I'm sure. But something unthinkable is nagging at the back of my mind. What if Pearl Harbor was not LIHOP but MIHOP? How would we know? I looked up pictures of the attack and it's hard to find any evidence that in fact it was the Japanese causing all the big explosions.

It's not just the seemingly nonexistent visual confirmation though. Think about it. We have the official story which is "complete surprise"--no one saw it coming, yatta yatta. We've heard that one in regard to 9/11.

But wait! says a revisionist--maybe it was LIHOP! After all, we HAD gotten intelligence about an impending attack, but the fact was covered up so that FDR could convince war-averse Americans of the need to get into a war. Now that sounds like classic 9/11 limited hangout LIHOP, and indeed it looks like more and more people are accepting it as the truth about Pearl Harbor, judging by the mainstreaminess of Stinnet's book.

That was my first suspicion--why would the powers that be allow this? If they are almost succeeding in totally covering up something that happened 6 years ago, why allow the truth to come out about something that happened over 60 years ago? How is the idea of FDR sacrificing innocent American lives so as to get us into a war any better than the idea that Bush would do the same thing? What if this is limited hangout after all?

One of the problems we have with the official 9/11 narrative is that it supposes that "al Qaeda" really believed they could pull off something that was clearly impossible. We know they would never have attempted it. UNLESS maybe they knew they would be allowed to succeed. But then why help your avowed enemy in that way? What is more likely is that they would NOT have attempted such an absurd attack because it would have little chance of success. That's just ONE reason why we know it wasn't LIHOP on 9/11--the otehr being that since the demolition was clearly not prepared by al Qaeda the demolishers would have had to have an unbelievable amount of faith in the ability of al Qaeda to pull off their stunt.

Now Pearl Harbor... Did the Japanese really think that they could sail across the Pacific with a bunch of aircraft carriers and their supporting entourage without being detected? That they were not walking (sailing) into a trap of some kind? After all, FDR left the Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor like sitting ducks, according to Stinnet, against the better judgement of the military commanders. Back to the Japanese--according to Stinnet there is evidence that they broke radio silence repeatedly--why on earth would they do that and jeopardize their mission? I read somewhere else that the Japanese had actually warned the US that they would attack in response to the problems FDR was causing to provoke them (involving securing oil supplies) but that the message wasn't translated in time. Huh? That also sounds familiar!

So to recap, and I admit this is just an inkling--I have yet to really dig--it seems that evidence for the Japanese having attacked Pearl Harbor is much like evidence for the official conspiracy theory of 9/11. The stupid are told the unbelievable version (complete surprise) and the skeptics are told a limited hangout version (well, it wasn't a surprise because we had the intel, but it was either ignored out of incompetence or willfully to justify a war) and they can all argue about it in that context. Also a presumption of guilt based on alleged confessions by the alleged perps are used to make any other, more sinister arguments (MIHOP) moot.

So I ask--what hard evidence is there that the destruction at Pearl Harbor was the result of bombing by the Japanese and not by disguised American or Allied planes? Given that after shocking and aweing the Japanese with the nukes we occupied their country and totally ran it for years after, can we be sure that "confessions" and "autobiographies" and an entire false history could not have easily been put together for posterity (us?)