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Commenting on my article originally posted here -- “Behaviors and Thought Patterns within the Operations of the Criminal Psychopath as They Relate to 9/11 and False Flag Terror Ops” -- Laura from is right -- In the fields of modern psychology and bio-genetics, I have not done my “homework.” This is most probably due to my spending professional and personal time in a completely different field of research. My intent was not to write a journal-ready, academic psychology article on the psychopathic mind. I am not a psychologist. It was merely a personal attempt to try to comprehend the consciousness of the false-flag terrorist with whatever hypothetical or theoretical psychological knowledge I was in possession of at the time that I began this meditation and search for understanding. At this point, I have moved beyond the psychological aspects of these events and am now back in more familiar areas of empirical investigation.

Although Laura comments that I began my article with a “false statement,” I would call it more of a “carelessly qualified statement.” I mistakenly applied the phrase, “usually above-average intelligence” to the psychopathic mind in general. I was thus incorrectly assigning an “above-average” level of intelligence to the majority of psychopaths, when my actual concern in the article was trying to understand a very small sample of very specific psychopathic minds -- and after all, the PNAC guys and their associates are all highly educated, highly intelligent men. You don’t receive a doctorate from Yale, Chicago, or Harvard with an average or below-average intelligence. Okay, Bush received an MBA from Harvard, but he is an exception to the rule. Laura corrected me on my misconception that above-average intelligence can be assigned to the average psychopath; I have learned something new; and I am sure Dr. Wolfowitz and friends are pleased to know that they are “exceptional” psychopaths, and are “above the curve.”

Laura wrote, “Studies have shown that, in fact, the intelligence of the psychopath is NOT "above average." Their advantage is to be able to observe, think, and plan without emotion! They are also not neurotic at all, and not "damaged."

It seems that all this time I have, unknowingly, belonged to some old pre-genetics, pre-Cleckley school of psychology that holds a "corrective interpretation" of the psychopathic mind. If I am from the old school of thinking that the psychopathic condition can be somehow corrected if only its underlying psychological catalyst can be properly diagnosed and dealt with, I would suggest then, that if the cause of the psychopathic condition is genetic, there might also be a “corrective” bio-genetic cure.

In my article, attempting to understand the consciousness of the people behind the 9/11 event and its resultant “War OF Terror,” as Borat would put it, Laura seems to feel that all I have accomplished “in the above [article] is to mislead about the psychopathic mind.” The intent behind the writing of this article however was never to “mislead” anyone on nuances of modern psychology or make “false statements” about the percentages of psychopaths possessing above-average intelligence. However, after reading PNAC documents and the Strategy for a Clean Break document which was presented to Benjamin Netanyahu as a “game plan” in 1995, I was basically looking at plans and strategies produced by highly intelligent minds, but also science fiction, comic book villain, crazy as hell. Perhaps my notions of “the highly intelligent psychopath” were drawn from the fact that it is the highly intelligent psychos who get a lot of press attention because of their power to attract our curiosity and fascination.

Laura pointed out three weaknesses in my understanding of her specialty –psychopathy – and I thank her, but she also did hand out a “B+” to me for "observation," by writing, “certainly he [Toth] has caught some of the observable behaviors quite nicely.” Being that the title of my piece was “BEHAVIORS and Thought Patterns within the Operations of the Criminal Psychopath as They Relate to 9/11 and False Flag Terror Ops,” I am glad that Laura did not completely fail my paper on all counts.

Referring to a phrase in the last sentence of the article which said, “History will crush their parade and Hell will have their souls,” one of the other mods over at signs-of-the-times, Ryan, wrote – “This is a pretty good article, but again, the comment about “Hell will have their souls” suggests that Toth is “correctively interpreting” the psychopathic condition. What if they don't have souls at all? What if, quite simply, they are “a different human race?””

To Ryan I must say that the “Hell will have their souls” phrase was merely a poetic expression of anger. I wasn’t making a metaphysical statement. I have nothing one way or the other to say about “souls” or the “alien psychopath genus.”

Regarding the notion of history repeating itself, as in a cycle, and the possible psychological reasons for that phenomenon, Ryan disagreed with the hypothesis of “cycling pathologies within the overall human population,” and diagnosed that the repeatable, almost cyclic nature of history has as one of its causes,

“...the repeated outbreak of a chronic infection caused by latent “human germs” with a genetic inability towards conscience. Until the disease is isolated and understood, there can be no chance of a cure. Saying that psychopaths are "wounded normal people" is misdiagnosing the problem.”

I never said that the psychopath is “normal,” and admittedly, psychology is not my field, but I was under the impression that the psychopath is a “wounded” human being, and it was my impression or hypothesis that some type of neurosis or psychosis was a part of the mix.

As Cleckley in his "Mask of Sanity" writes:
“It is very true that Alexander and others who use his terminology and accept his interpretations refer to behavior disorders as character neuroses. Karpman feels that most (but not all) patients who are classed as psychopaths should be grouped with the neurotic or the psychotic group. So far as its implication of causal factors is concerned, the term neurotic has undeniably valuable applications for those who feel that they have discovered such causes.”

On the other hand, Cleckley further writes:
“If the psychopath really has a neurosis, it is a neurosis that is manifested in a fundamentally different life-pattern from classic neurosis, manifested, one might say, in a pattern that is not only different but opposite.”

Ryan did give me credit for an “interesting article,” but disagreed with my "corrective interpretation" of the psychopathic mind. As opposed to a “corrective interpretation,” Ryan put forward the none too comforting hypothesis that, “it is quite possible that neurosis or a wounded self-image is not a part of the psychopath's mental landscape due to the disorder being an inherited (genetic) condition.”

If the psychopathic mind is indeed the result of a genetic condition, then we all better quickly put our running shoes on and have a “Find the Cure” marathon run through downtown Boston before it is too late.

Nonetheless, with all honesty and good cheer, I thank the mods over at Signs of the Times for their critiques, corrections, and suggestions, and I promise to them that I shall never write about psychopathy (their specialty) ever again until I have done my homework on it, that is as long as Laura does her homework before writing a blog about Syriac mystical literature or Egyptian Mamluk history.

In the struggle for truth and justice though, we ALL definitely agree on one thing -- those folks behind 9/11 and the rest of it are a bunch of crazy motherfuckers fer shur.