Where's Lazlo? Or, We Were Serious When We Warned People Against Persistent Inflammatory Rhetoric

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To all WTCD bloggers and readers, I must inform you that I made a decision to block the user Lazlo Toth, who we have come to know as a font of historical knowledge on Zionism but alas also as someone whose posts we ultimately had to watch constantly for inappropriate material.  Lazlo Toth's last blog entry and the one that was the proverbial last straw can be found here: Horst Mahler’s Closing Statement Before Being Jailed by the Forces of Darkness

The post seemed to celebrate Mr. Mahler's "martyrdom" for the cause of truth, and included a link to a German neo-Nazi website (http://voelkische-reichsbewegung.org/)

I considered this to be a deliberate provocation and felt that we had been clear enough in the past about what was appropriate and what wasn't.  To be clear--we are not saying that people should "watch what they post" per se, what we are saying is that if your activity on this site displays a pattern of disregard for the community and for the mission of NON-RACIST TRUTHSEEKING then you will not be welcomed.

The truth movement is as we all should realize by now plagued by very persistent, dedicated, and too often convincing agents of one form or another who are adept at insinuating themselves into a community and then either gradually or all at once becoming a divisive or otherwise corrosive element in the community.  Whether or not any given person is actually such an agent or just behaving in a manner consistent with one is not relevant--what matters is that we cannot let our efforts be diminished by such behavior, period.

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wow, not sure how i feel about this...

well, that's not true, i do know how i feel: sad!!!

couldn't the mods just block per/post?

he has contributed so very much and, frankly, cut to the quick (?) albeit so very painfully at times. it was deep, deep, truth that we could not easily read anywere else.

i do have to say that i pissed off and lost a few Jewish friends by reposting LT excerpts...most recently regarding AIG and Maurice, et.al., and some dems were offended by the epithets "Barky Obamination"...but too bad, man.

will miss you, Lazlo, whoever you are....




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yes I was sad too...

To discover that someone who we had come to appreciate and value as a community member decided to start posting such offensive things because it means that either he went through some kind of ordeal that messed him up or he was up to no good. Like I said, I can't ascribe motives with 100% certainty so I choose instead to judge people "by their fruits". The bottom line is that the cause of truth is more important than any one of us, more important than any community of truthseekers.