A long letter to Tahooey regarding history, terrorism, and the image of “Israel”

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Hello Tahooey,
Thanks for your commentary and thoughts on a delicate and controversial subject. Israel, as a sixty year old political entity created under the shadows of British colonialism, has always been very concerned with hiding or softening the inconvenient truths of its genesis and modern history (America does this as well -- ask a Navajo), and in place of the truth, Israel likes to project, as a mask or cover, a crafted, criticism-deflecting, “innocent victim” image. Because the United States, since the end of the Second World War, has been Israel’s prime benefactor -- maintaining and protecting the historically misinformed perception of Israel and the Palestinian conflict as it is held in the American mind is of primary importance and grave concern to Israel; and I am using the term “American mind” here to indicate the general public perception within the continental, North American media audience.

It is for the purpose of maintaining this sympathetic and sanitized image that professional theatrical performances of plays such as “My Name is Rachel Corrie” are aggressively shut down by groups such as the B’nai Brith in New York and Toronto. Ms. Corrie stood as a torch of what is right and just by placing herself as a human shield between the house of the only Palestinian doctor in the village and a monster, bullet-proof Israeli bulldozer that sought the destruction of the doctor’s home. She died at the end of this bulldozer, and her friends were shot by nearby IDF forces. If, as a country or polity, you are trying to maintain an “innocent victim, why does everybody hate us and attack us all the time?” sort of PR image, the tales and images from such events as the Ariel Sharon-directed massacres at Sabra and Shatilla, the Rachel Corrie Story, or the Irgun massacres at Deir Yassin, etc., etc. don’t do a whole lot for the old PR campaign.

In order to maintain this “crafted public relations image,” at some point, free speech and discussion must be shut down completely when knowledge of events or researched information reach a certain level of awareness, at which time, all this “free speech” might tarnish or possibly destroy the carefully crafted image or perception. When it comes to detailed and informed discussion of the historical crimes and deceptions of Israel and the agenda they are pursuing, and have pursued, the usually pro-First Amendment, liberal, left-wing Jewish media crowd will, all of a sudden, rally ‘round the flag (the blue and white one) and energetically begin supporting limits on speech or advocating outright censorship. Any discussion of historical facts regarding Israel and the modern ideology of Zionism are quickly labeled “hate speech.” Any valid and serious research into “radical-Zionist” involvement in the 9/11/01 attacks in New York and the 7/7/05 London bus bombings is either labeled as “hate speech” or censored and shunned as “divisive” or “bad” for the “truth” movement’s own PR. It is also perfectly understandable that the 9/11 Truth Movement is controversial enough without adding to the mix the Big Taboo of talking about the ideology of Zionism or Israel and her geo-political agendas. However, if you actually seek the truth of these matters and you want to understand 9/11 and what is occurring in the world, you are going to have to ask yourself who had the means, the opportunities, and motives to wire those towers for demolition on 9/11. The planes did not bring down the towers. The planes were part of the operation’s False Flag element – “Arab hijackers did these things. We must therefore now wage endless wars on the Arabs” The breadcrumbs and clues around the demolitions of WTC 1, WTC2, and especially WTC7, however, lead right up to the front door of the “radical Zionist” club. If we weren’t onto the truth, they wouldn’t act this way.

With a high Israeli surveillance and/or subscribership percentage, this seemingly deliberate move to take away a large, centrally visited forum from the post-“controlled demolition phase” of 9/11 research and discussion is most likely what has occurred over at 9/11 Blogger. Perhaps out of fear of Mossad, and it is a valid one, or fear of somehow offending the Jewish 9/11 truthers and audience, or legitimate fear of handing to the media the strawman bait of “anti-Semitism,” a policy of censorship, tighter information control, and topic limitations has been adopted over at 911B. Although not the complete and accurate truth about 9/11, it would appear that many seem more comfortable with safely promoting the limited ½ story, hang-out theme of -- “Bush-Cheney and their Big Oil and Military/Industrial buddies hooked up with the Pakis and Saudis to start an endless, highly profitable oil war based upon an old CIA asset, Osama b-L, supposedly going bad and attacking his master. Israel wasn’t involved, of course, but fully benefits in the aftermath nonetheless by getting their Eretz Israel stretching from the brook of the Nile to the Euphrates in Mesopotamia.” As they always say over at the House of Rothschild, wars are a great way to make a whole lotta cash in a short time, decrease the excess population, and at the end of it all you get to watch all the carnage and battle tapes on the History Channel while munching on popcorn in the screening room on the upper level of the castle.

In the case of Palestine, at the end of WWI and the signing of the Versailles Treaty in 1919, which divided, like a big pie, the Middle East among European bankers and their national armies, history was witness to a European colonial power giving away another people’s land to a European minority group with a powerful, wealthy, and influential British lobby – The World Zionist Congress (the AIPAC of its time). This land, internationally sacred to three religious faiths, was then taken through deception and terror, at the end of a rifle, a horror which persists to this day. This is why the orthodox Jewish Rabbis of Neturei Karta consider Zionism the work of Satan and the “State of Israel” to be a sin and a transgression against the Torah and the Law. Their position is a simple one of peace, non-violence, honest morality and doing what is right, which is what these Rabbis always say that Judaism is really all about – a faith of MORAL Monotheism.

You cannot seize the “Holy Land” by violence and deception. Such seizure is the greatest of sins. You cannot whine about Nazi persecution and racism when you yourselves have turned into Fascist persecutors and racists, as adept at evil as any from the pages of modern history. You cannot sling the insult of “anti-Semite” AT ANYONE when it is your Zionist leaders who have orchestrated this systematic, slow and incremental holocaust upon the residents of Palestine, the same leaders who now seek the WWIII genocidal “final solution” for the rest of the Arab peoples, who, by the way, MAKE UP THE MAJORITY OF SEMITIC PEOPLES. Extreme Zionists are thus the greatest of anti-Semites. Their tricks will soon no longer work.

The Jewish Zionists do not even care for their “own people,” as was demonstrated in 1942 when the World Zionist Congress left thousands of Jewish people in the Nazi camps to die. They only paid “ransom” to the German authorities for prisoners who wanted to emigrate to Palestine. If you marked “California” “New York” or “London” on your questionnaire, you were left at the camp. The Zionists are not loyal to the Jewish people. They are only loyal to their own agenda, and if a few Jews have to be “sacrificed” for “the cause,” so be it. Leon Klinghoffer on the Achille Lauro found that out the hard way.

Microcosmically, the Palestine situation is basically akin to me taking your car at gunpoint and giving it away to a friend of mine. If you later try to attack my friend in order to get your land, I mean, car back, you will be deemed a “terrorist,” and you will be jailed, tortured, systematically killed, or driven from your family’s land into a permanent refugee camp. You will be ghetto-ized, and your rights will be taken from you. The Nazis used to come in the night, drag you from your home, and then put you on a train for “relocation.” The Israelis just bulldoze you along with your family while you’re all still in the house. Then they build a settlement with a swimming pool right on top of you.

I remember in the ‘80s and ‘90s when all the hip folks and liberals were finally screaming about South African apartheid, and boycotts, and Freeing Mandela, etc., although people had been screaming “Free Mandela” since 1968. Israel, however, can install a more severe apartheid system than South Africa ever had, and no one in Hollywood will say shit about it because it might affect their paychecks and prestige. They will only safely speak up when prestige and hipness are attached to their “protest.” We are hearing now from the DHS that L.A. and SF might be a near-future target for the “terrorists.” Perhaps the folks in Hollywood will remember all the “9/11 Was an Inside Job” signs sprinkled around the world, put the clues together, and speak out. Probably not though.

I believe that it is time for the Jewish people to wake up, to take back their religion from the Zionist extremists, to be faithful to God and not sell out their morals and souls for a piece of real estate, to be brave, to stand up, and to say to the Zionist psychopathic minority amongst them – “No More Crimes Against Humanity. No More False Flag Terror. No More Genocide. No More Lying. Not in Our Name. Make the land a unitary, secular, democratic republic that respects the human rights of all the people in the land and region, not just those of the Jews. Leave aside your racist supremacy views and join the world community as an honest partner. We Say No to your WWIII !”

Concerning the “hot potato” question of – Were elements of the Israeli government, along with their agents and “moles” operating within U.S. government and private business, involved in the planning of, the operational phase of, and the subsequent cover-up of the false flag terror attacks upon the United States on September 11, 2001? – The general answer would be absolutely, does a bear shit in the woods?, affirmative. It is the particulars that need to be worked out. Various types of evidence would strongly indicate Israeli involvement – the “false flag” modus operandi footprint of Irgun/Mossad is there – blowing up buildings, hijacking airplanes and blaming it all on Arabs or Palestinians. The cast of major characters are all connected, but the introduction into their operations of the latest military high-tech elements -- a big Year 2000 PNAC theme – such as aeronautical remote control technology was perhaps a new wrinkle.

To be honest, hearing pre-attack warnings coming out of the mouth of Mossad’s point man in DC, Michael Chertoff, is quite worrying, knowing that the security of various major airports and rail lines in Europe and the U.S. is in the hands of Israeli-owned companies like ICTS (International Consultants on Targeted Security) who have friends with technology that can arrest the controls of a passenger-filled commercial jet or fly an empty one into a building from ground-based remote control. So when you hear on the news “al-Qaeda” or “Iranian terrorists,” think “Mossad.”

How many times have we been attacked by Israel now? I’m starting to lose count. Isn’t the usual course of action when you are attacked by a country to turn around and make a declaration of war against it? It might be finally high time that the American people wake up to the fact that with friends like Israel, they don’t need enemies. The American people need to tell Israel to Stop spying on us and attacking us. Stop bribing and intimidating our politicians, and go fight their own wars, paying for their own illegal conquests out of their own purse. Everyone in the world but the Americans understands who hides behind America’s military apron, prodding and cajoling America to war and financial ruin.

Time to wake up kids. How about it? Just Say No.

Later, Tahooey