Truth in print ... ?

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I once started a local newspaper and worked as its managing editor for 6 months. The interest and response to our new publication was surprising and encouraging. The experience has often made me think that a professionally produced Truth publication (on newsprint) might have an enormous impact because so many people have never had the opportunity to be exposed to the information that convinced us that something needs to be done.

This would be a monthly publication on small newsprint with 8 pages containing 10 to 15 articles of various lengths featuring stories chosen from online or newly written articles covering different aspects of the questions, facts, and controversies surrounding 9-11 and the individuals involved.

Ideally the publication would appear (and be) completely unbiased and present the facts objectively and leave conjecture up to the subjects of the articles.

Beyond 911, other truth topics could also be broached such as OKC, the Franklin coverup, Iran-Contra, etc. Some insightful cartoons (parhaps Tom Toles &or Tom Tomorrow) would be included.
Copies could be printed & distributed throughout the nation in major cities for free at all 911 events for activists to distribute further within their geographic communities. To me, there's no doubt that if this could be pulled off, this would make waves.

The problem: the printing and delivery costs are not cheap. (I would print in several cities at once - but still expensive)
The solution: truth angels - wealthy individuals who might see this as an investment vehicle; an investment in democracy, the truth and the future of our planet, more than a financial investment. (Mr Cuban are you out there?)

Has anything like this been attempted? Is it a dumb idea? If the idea has any merit I'd be grateful to participate in the production and editing of a publication.