Disinformation, Deception, Misdirection and Division in 9/11 Truth

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Because all kinds of conspiratorial imaginings can brew when one maintains silence on an issue, I would like to throw my two cents into the ring regarding various statements or beliefs expressed over at the truthaction.org forum during the big Casseia-Jon Gold showdown of yesterday. Gosh, it was just like being over at the old 9/11 Blogger when your computer’s inner circuitry could sense the passion and the heat certain topics or combos of people could invoke. I would usually move my cursor bar past these diversionary blow-ups as I would rather see or participate in an honest, informed debate as opposed to an all day, name-calling, nasty innuendo fest. Although a heated row in the center of any village will bring out the spectators nonetheless. Although yesterday’s, and I hope it is not still continuing, emotional discussion concerning the possible reasons for a policy of controlled censorship over at 911B had it’s share of traditional dissing, it also touched upon an interesting phenomenon that has been occurring within the 9/11 Truth Movement and needs to be seriously discussed, analyzed, and maturely worked out.

It is an apriori fact that the idealogues, the planners, the operatives, the cover-up players, and the multi-trillion dollar beneficiaries of the 9/11- generated global War on Terror pie want the 9/11 Truth Movement shut down and stopped. Step into their shoes. Wouldn’t you? The best way to do this is, of course, the old tried and true “conquest by division” method, for by division of a unity, the impact of the single mass on another object is lessened. Disinformation and deception create distrust within any group -- from a small group of friends or nuclear family up to the size of a social/political movement or a country, or even an entire planet. This atmosphere of distrust then naturally divides the group into paranoid, warring sects or factions. Anyone who has seen Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” can tell you how effective in driving the Romans out of Palestine the Judean People’s Front and the Popular People’s Front of Judea were. Not very. They all got crucified in the end. When I refer to unity within a group or movement, I am not saying we should all live in a big hippie commune, locking arms in a Kum-ba-ya circle ‘round the campfire. I’m not saying we should make a set of rules, form an “approved” orthodox doctrine taught by “approved” leaders in this “unified” “movement.” The big challenge for every “movement” is to keep itself from turning into a big “cult.” The 9/11 Conspirators love to use the “cult” angle – “Here are those people from the 9/11 Conspiracy Cult.” The “cult” tag automatically discredits any valid information and research that this “movement” has brought to the table. No, by “unity,” I am referring to a set of broad, commonly held goals and generally agreed-upon methods of united action to achieve those goals. In a large group, such as the “9/11 Truth movement,” these common goals are held amongst a wide variety of people who are at various levels and breadths of understanding and research into a fairly complicated subject that has many levels. The “Truth,” as we like to call it, is multifaceted, with all facets interconnected in a multiplicity of ways.

Another way to deceptively create division in a group is through “misdirection,” a concept known to every good magician, and as Walt Whitman once said, to every good poet as well, but he refers to a different sort of “misdirection.” I am referring to the kind found in a criminal conspiracy. In a multi-partnered operation, such as 9/11 and its continuing military aftermath, there is the original misdirection of the “False Flag” element (militant, all-powerful Islamic group led by UBL with planes being hijacked by militant Muslims), followed by several levels of misdirection during the cover-up phases of the operation. The idea is to always be directing the attention of the investigator or casual observer towards the “False Flag” perpetrators (or patsies) by misdirecting their attention away from the actual men behind the curtain who pull all the levers and push all the buttons.

One of the methods of misdirection used in the area of media and communication is that of circumscribing the limits of any investigation or discussion that might travel down paths which would lead to unpleasant, shocking, or highly compromising revelations. As soon as any “controversial” discussion or investigation comes up to the prescribed limit or “acceptable” boundary, it is shutdown immediately as if it had hit a wall, and it is prevented from any further progression.

Misdirection in a multi-partnered operation that is slowly being uncovered and exposed can also be used by one partner against another as the ship starts to sink – a tactic used by one partner to cover their own involvement while hanging the other partner out to literally hang. Some think that, with regards to the 9/11 operation, one or more of the beneficiary partners to this crime, if push comes to shove, will try to direct all attention towards the Cheney-Bush-Oil crowd if the wheels totally come off the wagon. This process appears to be one currently in practice and part of an ongoing strategy. Some think this strategy is classical, intelligence org-directed, misdirection by design and coercion, while others feel the “Bush did it with Osama or let Osama do it” approach is part of a necessary public relations move in order to move the general subject of “9/11 Truth” away from any possible stigma of radical and scary “anti-Semitism.” This anti-Semitism angle is also a favorite one with the 9/11 conspirators and their paid disinfo agents. If you give them anything that they can latch onto and paint as anti-Semitic in order to discredit every letter of every word you utter, they will pull that old pistol out with lightening speed and use it every time.

This brings me to the last thing I wanted to say about the phenomena of disinformation, deception, misdirection, and division which the 9/11 Truth Movement has been the victim of. Because the label of “anti-Semite” is such a debilitating one in the court of public opinion for one who has a message that needs to be widely known and understood, it would be in the interests of anyone among the 9/11 conspirators, especially those among the right-wing Israeli Likudniks and their Neo-con “mole” assistants in Washington, to direct any 9/11 research or investigations away from Israel and her various operatives sheltered within the U.S. and Canadian governments This is very easily done in two ways.

One way is to have an Israeli controlled and funded agent pose as a so-called anti-Zionist 9/11 researcher or activist and then somehow get publicly disgraced or have the individual agent associate himself with UFO abduction research or other “fringe” topics. This accomplishes two things and creates two perceptions – it attaches the activity of research related to Israel’s involvement in 9/11 and the “war on terror” either to a disgraced or “kooky” individual, and it also, through the power of social guilt and shame, directs the collectors of clues and breadcrumbs away from a legitimate avenue of research, however politically embarrassing and seemingly controversial it may be. You won’t get called an anti-Semite if you research the physics and methods of 9/11-related controlled demolition, but if you honestly follow the obvious and logical clues surrounding the CD results, you will end up in research areas that will certainly invite people to use the racist epithet of anti-Semite against you. However, if you concentrate on the ISI side of things, no bad things will be said about you. You never hear anyone call Mindy Kleinberg a “Paki hater,” do you?

The other way to steer all discussion of the Israeli/American Zionist role in 9/11 is simply to stop the entire discussion at the point where we have now come to -- the undeniable conclusion that on 9/11/01 somebody wired those three buildings in New York for controlled demolition and we know it wasn’t done by Mohammed Atta and an old CIA asset on a dialysis machine. We have legitimate questions and suspicions about who would have the Means, Opportunities, and the Motive to set up the biggest events of that horrible day – the dramatic explosions of two 110 story skyscrapers and the classic style demolition of a third building. From Willie Rodriguez’s testimony, it can also be deduced that the people who were operating the hijackerless airplanes by some type of remote-control aeronautics system were in a coordinated timing situation with the men who were sitting at the demolition panel trying to match up the timing of the plane hitting at the top of the building with the sub-level basement explosions they were setting off in WTC1. The demo guys were a half second off.

At any rate, I assure the good and honest people around the world who care about seeing the criminals behind 9/11 caught and punished that I did not come “out of nowhere” to sow divisiveness and “hate speech” over at 9/11 Blogger in order to get it shut down or to usher in a reign of controlled and censored speech there. Is it something I said? I have felt tremendously bad about the whole situation, and while I was on 911B I never spoke in ignorant or hateful ways about anyone. I thought I was trying to help by starting an honest discussion, informed by history, of certain elements of the 9/11 operation that it seemed no one was discussing or talking about. I thought it would be a good idea to help educate people on the differences between Jewish people of faith and morality and right-wing, militarist Zionist idealogue psychopaths. Through referenced quotes I tried to show to the readers at 9/11 Blogger that this was a difference even pointed out by Jewish Rabbis. I was suggesting this discussion and educational project in order to help protect innocent Jewish people from being incorrectly identified with the Neo-con “Zionist” crowd when more details of ongoing and legitimate 9/11 research start to come out. I was trying to start a discussion about how we intelligently, maturely, and compassionately handle the more “controversial” aspects of 9/11. And I tell you honestly, if you move beyond the CD aspects of 9/11, you are going to have to deal with the Israel and Mossad thing. There is no way around it. I wish there was. I was hoping, that “leaders” of the 9/11 Truth Movement would want to deal with these issues maturely and head-on, instead of sweeping them under the rug and turning into the same media censors they decry. In the end, I really was honestly trying to help, and was not “sent” to 9/11 Blogger in order to divide up the place with racism and hatred. And when I used the term “Zionist” or “Semite” I always used these terms in the context of their correct meanings, and never conflated Jews with Zionists. The ideology of militant, Jabotinskyite Zionism is more closer to the ideology of Fascism or Nazism anyways. I also never idiotically said’ “the JOOZ did 9/11,” nor have I ever subscribed to the notion that Israel alone was singularly responsible for 9/11. Everyone had their part to play, including the Pakistanis with their assistance in setting up the “False Flag” elements of the operation’s back-story, among other things.

One thing before I go, and this is the personal part of the piece. I speak here to Jon Gold. Jon, I had no idea you were so upset by my sarcastic joke in the form of a mentally imagined mini-movie scenario about you and your friends being “sayanim” or contracted “helpers” assisting the Mossad, and that all of you were high-fiving in a “bunker” after I cancelled my blogger membership. As several people have pointed out, I was just joking, although I will confess that I believe that recent events over at 911B do cause one to wonder if the truth about matters is not being candidly discussed with the community. Again, I wasn’t trying to spread “lies and disinfo” about you around the web. For all witnesses here, I do declare that I have absolutely no information about Jon Gold working for any intelligence agency. I was just joking, and if you will remember, I did not post that comment on 9/11 Blogger for the “whole community” to see. I posted it over on RT’s little unknown site which was, at the time, being visited by about 12 people. I posted the comment as an addendum to my 9/11 Blogger cancellation letter which I posted at RT’s site after a long week of fighting the moves of censorship. After a long and disappointing week, one of anger, disbelief, and utter frustration, I made one little sarcastic joke on a small, little visited web blog. I am sorry for causing you so much grief. It was not my intention to do so. You will also remember that any discussions we did have over at 9/11 Blogger were pretty civil and they were discussions. I may not have agreed with some of your stances on various things, but I never called you a “dickhead” or ever told you to “fuck off.” Finally, I just want to say, that I do not want to bear ill will against anyone who is trying to expose the complicated and horrible truths about 9/11 and the greater plan that is about to be launched. I will not and do not individually hate or judge people I do not even know, so Jon I wish you peace and I bear you no ill will. For all I know, you most likely have the best of intentions and I am not privy to any info that you do not. I pray that you will fight for justice and I pray that you will be honest in your efforts. For the good of a humane future, we cannot let these psychopathic criminals succeed in their final plans for humanity.

Just as it was hard for good German people after the War to look at the crimes of their countrymen, similary it is very difficult for Jewish people to honestly come to grips with the horrible crimes done in the name of the “State of Israel,” and then to have to turn around and further deal with the consequences of the treasonous actions committed by a small, non-representative minority of Zionists masquerading as people of the Jewish faith, men who have tried to tarnish the name of their people by their participation and complicity in the 9/11 operations and their aftermath of war and savagery. I understand why one would not want to look at or talk about these things, but if painful secrets are swept under the rug, when the truth finally comes out, as it always does, the cover-up or failure to discuss an issue can make things worse in the end for everyone. I pray for us all, you too Jon. Bon nuit.