Testing, testing – the trial of Reporter Christopher Bollyn - Comment by Lazlo Toth on 911Blogger

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Oral testimonies gathered together in “They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45” by Milton Mayer (University of Chicago Press) -- a book of first-hand accounts by people who lived through the Hitler era – point out that the same EXACT PATTERN of events and processes (physical as well as psychological) that occurred in Germany during that dark era are now visibly occurring in the United States and Canada. It is a process described by Germans who lived through that time as “the gradual habituation of the people.” They turn the heat up on the pot in small gradual increments, testing you and getting you accustomed to things that several years ago would have made you recoil in shock or disgust – FEMA prison camps, torture, pre-emptive war, false-flag terror, rigged elections, the dismantling of the Constitution, etc. Having mentioned this, I must point out that the current trial of independent journalist Christopher Bollyn is being used as a test case. Having been labeled as an anti-Semitic nutball by the media because of his research into the deep Israeli connections to 9/11 and current U.S. Middle East policy, he is now on trial in Chicago for doing nothing but his job as an investigative journalist who has consistently tackled the hard and controversial topics everyone else is afraid to touch, such as the Israeli sex-slave trade, etc. The trumped charges of the trial of course concern “resisting arrest,” not freedom of speech.

About a year ago, he thought he was being a good neighbor and reported to the local police that a mysterious black car was constantly cruising around his neighborhood (a private community). The men in this car – an armed tactical unit of Chertoff’s DHS Gestapo -- were alerted by the local police of his call. They came to his door with M16s drawn, would not produce any ID to show their authority over him and his family to enter and search his home, Bollyn would not cooperate with their Gestapo home invasion, told them to leave, was then tackled and tasered on his front lawn, his wife and kids were held at gunpoint in their home during an intimidating, illegal search, AND HE IS THE ONE BEING CHARGED WITH RESISTING ARREST, i.e. asking armed men with no ID or local police authority to get off his property and asking them for search warrants!

What these folks want to know is, if someone they brand as a so-called “anti-Semite journalist” has his home invaded, stands up for his rights, and is then forced to defend trumped up charges in a court of law, WILL YOU NOTICE? Will you even care or say a word? Will you defend him? Will you watch them take everyone away to the camps and courts, and say nothing until it is your turn? BTW, Christopher Bollyn is good friends with Dr. Steven Jones. This is another incremental test to see how the public will react. TESTING, TESTING... We now have a Zionist occupation of the U.S. government and its intelligence agencies. They want you to fight, die and also pay for their wars of Middle East conquest. They attacked you on 9/11 and will attack you again. I beg you all to resist the “shut-down” tactic of branding people as anti-Semites. The Jews DID NOT ORCHESTRATE 9/11, but the right-wing Israeli Likud, Irgun, and Mossad did! Wake up before it is too late. I beg you!!!!