"Missing Links" puts all the BIG 9/11 puzzle pieces on the table.

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Whatever anyone here may have thought about the past presentations of the Prothink.org crew, I would highly recommend taking a FULL 2-hour look at the big-picture 9/11 Truth film project that these guys have put together. I also really like the fact that the film is dedicated to all the honorable government workers and true public servants who are still in the system and are still loyal to the American republic in these dark days, including, and especially those, in the military and intelligence community. We know you are out there, and we salute you!

The Missing Links in the Loose Change:


Before you pass any preconceived judgment or offer your critiques on "Missing Links" do watch the whole film. I must say that it was quite a refreshing ”in a weirdly unexplainable way”experience to see for the first time in 9/11 "truth" movement history a very well done film project that was able to put all the significant verboten pieces of the 9/11-War on Terror puzzle on the table “ all the "elephant in the room" pieces that those other 9/11 movies do not want to discuss or even touch, certainly not in any "big picture" context. I also do not intuitively believe, as I have said here in the past, that the makers of this film are so-called "Jew-haters." I believe they are patriotic Americans reacting in the face of a very real, and very well hidden, historical national tyranny, and that their actions to inform are motivated by moral outrage, not racial or religious hatred. This film is a matured and argued effort dealing with something that no one wants to talk about, outside of the "Walt-Mearsheimer effect." I have watched this film three times now, and I would like to think that some of the controversial information and types of difficult discussions we have had over here at the WTCD island have affected positively Mike and John's presentation, if not directly, then most certainly in the indirect psychic atmosphere of a difficult political zeitgeist. There are just a few places in the script I might have suggested a slight "editorial change of phrasing", and I would have definitely thrown in a little Egyptian oud music into the soundtrack during the old films of Cairo for the section on the Lavon Affair, but on the whole, I was really impressed with their film project and many hours of obviously hard work condensing a much larger, more detailed body of information than that which can be reasonably presented in only two hours (and for those who have never done it, a two hour film project is a big, as in large, extremely time-consuming, expensive project on any level). And hey, you really must admit that it's NOT every 9/11 truth film that will talk about PTech and Mitre Corp. at the FAA, or SPC remote avionics technology, or ICTS Intl., the Israeli airport security company that handled security at two out of the three 9/11 airports, as well as both American and United Airlines. You would have thought that by now (seven years later) some (as in any) 9/11 truth film would have tackled the loose ends in 9/11 research concerning airport and airline security in a criminal case involving 4 AIRPLANES supposedly coming out of 3 AIRPORTS. Judges Mike Mukasey and Al-Goin-to-hellastein ain't gonna like this "Missing Links" film at all. Anyways, I recommend you definitely take the time to check out this ground-breaking production. Jason Bermas, of course, now has an "info-level bar" that his new (super-complete and unadulterated 9/11 truth) film project must meet to still appear genuine in the real truth players circle. Will he discuss ICTS at the airports or ZIM Shipping at the WTC (see Findley's already published CIA report on Israeli intelligence re: Zim Shipping & Mossad)? I'm not going to bet on it, but would also be pleasantly surprised if Bermas took another truth step. Everyone deserves a chance to prove their truth. We shall see.

Also check out the spiffy, "suitable for framing," Lewis Eisenberg pic in this film.

And a sidenote comment to Gretavo: Thx for popping up all the M.C. Piper JFK stuff. The more you look, the more you run into country "A". It's just ”on a never-ending, daily basis”unfucking, non-stop unbelievable. The cabal of archaic psychos never seem to sleep. If the Beatles had not invaded the U.S. in '64, just after the Israeli hit on JFK (and his ideas of a nuclear-free Middle East), things right now might have even turned out much worse than they are at present, unarguably, musically much worse, for sure (see my: "Beatles Invasion and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict").

Cheers and good luck to you and yours in whatever dimension you may eventually find yourselves in. The organic produce, Beethoven, Beatles, and sitar music with the incense and hashish philosophy thing has well been worth the trip, but hey, what about the kids? Brought to you by our sponsor: The Club of Rome and the Deepak Chopra Tibetan Children's Global Government Meditation Center. Remember to take your pill and watch the TeeVee screen every day.