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A piece of a landing gear is found at the site of the future 'Ground Zero Mosque', and...

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VK, "Russia's Facebook", Has Some Splainin' to Do.

When I first found out the name of the suspect, I googled like everyone else and came upon this page: that is supposed to be a Russian facebook of sorts. Someone on Buzzfeed posted that early screenshot showing someone logged in as the suspect this morningt at 5:04 a.m.

Later I noticed the date of the suspect's last login changed to last night at 9 p.m. Explanations?

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WTCD Tops 10,000 Unique Visitors in March

First time since September 2011, and only second time ever!

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Who will be blamed for the Marathon Bombings™?

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Before Ricin, there was Anthrax

Fort Detrick's anthrax mystery

Who tried to frame Dr. Ayaad Assaad, a former biowarfare researcher at the Army lab? Was it the same person responsible for last fall's anthrax mail terrorism?
By Laura Rozen

Topics: News

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True Faction ( is No More?

Their URL leads to a GoDaddy parking page, and their twitter feed has had no action for more than a year. What happened to Cosmos, Albanese, and the rest of the fake truthers there? DId they give up on 9/11 truth? On their "eleventh month of every year" campaign?

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Boston Marathon Bombing: Convenient Scapegoat Watch

Two explosions rock the finish line at the Boston Marathon. The coverage is at once reminiscent of 9/11 and Oklahoma City. We are at the crucial point where we have just been informed by the media that authorities are questioning someone related to the bombings. As in OKC, it is reported that undetonated devices have been found. These, as in OKC, are supposed to be key to identifying the bad guys. Let's see if they are denied as soon as a Ryder truck is found.

No scapegoat yet.

Likely scapegoats: tax protestors? truthers? muslims?

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Did you vote on an ad submission to AE911's Operation Tip the Planet contest?

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"The racism inherent at the heart of the 9-11 conspiracy movement..."

[I was almost surprised to see this ancient canard pop up again on an otherwise not-particularly-interesting Portland Indymedia thread about 9/11. What was most pleasing was the way it was quickly and efficiently dispatched by other users. Portland Indymedia has become a toxic place for discussions of 9/11 --- this thread, ironically, was a breath of fresh air.]

08.Apr.2013 07:21

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AE911truth's Ad Contest Open for Voting!

Vote for the best ad here:

WTCD is endorsing this one, btw...

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Why Didn't the Insurers Challenge the 9/11 Lies?

Saudi Arabia Behind Attacks, Insurers Tell Court:

They can't have assumed they would win a case against Saudi Arabia--my guess is they were otherwise compensated (perhaps simply by a rise in premiums after 9/11) and that this is just a way to make mo' money...

After doing a search for the listed companies I found this article that contains some interesting analysis of the effect of 9/11 on the insurers/reinsurers:

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Latest Ruling by Alvin Hellerstein, the "9/11 Judge"

Judge: Act of war precludes 9/11 environmental claim

3/20/2013 COMMENTS (0)

By Bernard Vaughan

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A federal judge in New York on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit over cleanup costs related to the attacks of Sept. 11, saying the attacks were an "act of war." But the judge said the reasoning did not necessarily apply in a bigger case over damages caused by the attacks.

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The Atlantic Pimping New Terror Group as "Taliban's Cousin"

See here:

And here's a primary source for the author's assurances of this group's responsibility for recent attacks...  Note the reference to Omar Farooq!

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Israeli Parents Dress Their Children as Twin Towers for Purim

Kid's Purim Costume Idea: The Burning Twin Towers?

Seven-year-old twins premiere their homemade costumes in Israel

By: Ashley Baylen

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NYT's Bill Keller Explains Why He and His Media Colleagues Lie About 9/11

This is an excerpt from a Keller column in the NYT about Jimmy Savile, the British television icon who is accused of molesting young girls throughout his career. Keller asks how it was possible that while Savile's behavior was an open secret in media circles, no one ever exposed him...

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Cass Sunstein Promoted to University Professorship at Harvard; To Release New Book on Conspiracy Theories

Sunstein a University Professor
Legal scholar recognized for wide-ranging impact beyond field

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cass Sunstein, widely regarded as one of the most influential legal scholars of his generation, has been named a University Professor, Harvard’s highest honor for a faculty member.

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More KSM Trial Komedy Kapers

This propaganda does double-duty--goes to eleven, as it were. Not only will the masses who accept the official story be drawn to a fake account of the 9/11 plot that they will mistakenly associate with fact, fake truthers will be able to cream themselves at the mere mention of John O'Neill, the "man who knew it all".

9/11 Trial Officers Explain “Ransacking” of Legal Documents
February 15, 2013, 5:44 pm ET by Arun Rath

Some light was shed yesterday on the apparent “ransacking” of legal materials from defendants in the 9/11 trial.

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From the Department of Fake Truthing and Wishful Thinking: Is the Truth Movement Dead?

A recent post on Portland Indymedia wistfully asks:

"Is the end of the so called "911 truth movement" at hand? Not counting the loons that claim Sandy Hook is a hoax, all that's left is one balding architect pushing his non-profit to pay his bills"

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KSM Komix!

As avid followers of the War on Terror™ know, the most recent shocking development in the trial of the millennium has something to do with the government listening in on the conversations of the accused with their counsel through an extensive set of microphones installed in the courtroom. Given the fact that even for a show trial this case is laughable from start to finish, here is my take--possibly the first installment in a series...

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