Fall 2007 LIHOP Offensive - The Last Chance Dance for the Perps and Their Apologists in the Fake Truth Movement

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It's pretty easy by now to observe developments in the movement as a battle between the real truth movement that has been working doggedly to raise awareness among the uninitiated public and the fake truth movement that insularly focuses on internal politics as a means of trying to control what the public, once aware, will think of the movement.

At first the idea was that the public think we were all wackos of one stripe or another. Now, by necessity, the focus is shifting more to giving the impression that the movement is primarily a LIHOP movement, that the more "extreme" elements are to be avoided. The logic is simple--given the choice, most people will prefer, if forced to question their beliefs, to stray as little as possible from what they "know" to be true. While many hold to the view that "LIHOP always leads to MIHOP" there is little more than anecdotal evidence for this claim, and while it may have been true in the early movement, the picture is going to change as we enter this next stage.

The next stage will be difficult because those of us who will stand opposed to the LIHOP brigade's efforts will need to deal with being smeared as extremists and as dividers. Keeping an eye on the posts and comments on 911blogger will be a good way to examine these tactics--already Jon Gold is issuing the "anti-divisive" battle cry of the LIHOPPER.

Other signs of what's to come are the lame attempts to rekindle Islamophobia by means of the latest absurdly pathetic "attacks" staged in London and Glasgow. These fit in nicely with the LIHOPPERS' credo of preserving the myth of Islamist exceptionalism as well as laying the ground for the official introduction of the LIHOP meme into the public consciousness with the Kucinich Limited Hangout Commission that will convene sometime in the near future to revisit those one or two "loose ends" that he revealed to the Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth but are otherwise a national secret.

Meanwhile, the report on building 7 has been pushed back for about the 17th time, now to the "end of 2007". Anyone who has been playing along at home should know that no report will ever be issued because no report will stand up to scrutiny. In a similar manner, Loose Changout-Final Crud is being indefinitely delayed to give time to the LIHOP brigade to make its last stand. If, as we expect, the LIHOPPERS fail (and for this we will have to work hard to counter their propaganda offensive) LCFC will be able to swoop in and provide the final barrier to any consideration of Israeli/Zionist involvement. By the time that happens, Silverstein will either have died of old age or of Ken Layitis and the remaining blame will be placed squarely on Bush in time for a Democratic administration to call for the nation to accept the limited changout and MOVE ON.

Remember that--MOVE ON. That will be the final cry of the perps' apologists, and many of us will be tempted to do just that. But if we do, without a full accounting of the facts we will have won nothing, and all our historic efforts will be flushed down the memory hole.