dz Purged from 911Blogger -- Night of the Long Knives Commences

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dz notes in a new blog at 911b that "effective immediately" he is no longer a team member. My impression is that he has been increasingly stressed by the demands of running the site, and I'm glad that he has made the decision to turn it over to Reprehensor rather than shutting it down or further limiting it. (For example, he had given consideration to eliminating comments.)

Amidst the appreciative farewell comments, however, we see several celebrating the idea of banning "infiltrators." For example, Victronix, a relatively new member who seems to exist for the sole purpose of condemning those who do not hew closely to the Jim Hoffman agenda as COINTELPRO, writes:

Banning is the antidote to a mentally ill and infiltrated movement.

I support any bans ever made on here and hope to see more in the future, and on all blogs and forums. Those who cannot behave with common decency on forums, who cannot treat others with the most simple respect, are not the people who we want as our leaders and companions.

We are not babysitters. We have a purpose, and it isn't nursing the rude, mentally ill and infiltrators.

When we spend our time agonizing over whether to bounce someone, they win. That's exactly where they want us to be. Just do it.

Life's a lot easier under a dictatorship -- just so long as YOU are the dictator, huh, Victronix?