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Foreknowledge of Building 7's Collapse : Dr. Graeme MacQueen

Investigate Building 7 : March 26 2011, West Hartford CT

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Is America Addicted to War?

An incomplete but still interesting analysis.

It missed out on a reason for recent US military adventurism - being the appointed attack dog of secretive Zionist masters. A hidden elite.

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Request to Remove My Name and Content from Pilots for 9-11 Truth Site

Pilots for 9-11 Truth, on November 1, 2010 the leader of your project made this statement on your forum:


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Open Letters to DRG and Pilots for 9-11 Truth

(Note: The letters are separate but the identical content is beneath.)


Let's talk, please.


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Good Visual 9/11 Outreach

Found at David Chandler's site  Pretty cool and remarkably (and pleasingly) similar to my own tower model.  Two suggestions would be 1) have a David Chandler (or other good) video playing on the screen and 2) add a small red cube signifying the relative size of the total jet fuel involved (it makes a very compelling point, believe me!)

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Pan Am Flight 103 (Lockerbie) Bombing

Currently in the news because the former minister of justice in Lybia claims to have evidence the bombing was ordered by Qaddafi...

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nice name, fantastic job, guys (cough)!

Israeli security company presence in japan

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controlling the weather

January 31, 2011: (Business Wire) E.L. Rothschild LLC, a private investment company led by Chairman Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and CEO Lynn Forester de Rothschild, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire a 70% interest in Weather Central, LP The world’s leading provider? of interactive weather graphics and data services for 70% of television, web, and mobile. Rothschild = JP Morgan / Goldman Sachs = BP & GE.

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911 Blogger ZIHOP Argument

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Meet the Mythmakers: Joshua Gleis

Interesting pile of BS...


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Frank Legge Makes His Position Clear

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Conspiracy Theorist Jon Gold Quits the Movement Again


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Defense Industrial Security: Weaknesses in U.S. Security Arrangements With Foreign-Owned Defense Contractors

Defense Industrial Security: Weaknesses in U.S. Security Arrangements
With Foreign-Owned Defense Contractors (Chapter Report, 02/20/96,

Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO reviewed security arrangements
used to protect sensitive information from foreign-owned U.S. defense
contractors that perform on classified Department of Defense (DOD)

GAO found that: (1) security arrangements are intended to protect
foreign-owned U.S. defense contractors from undue foreign control and to

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Newly Released Video From Police Helicopter - Please comment on YouTube Vid!!

We need lots of real truthers there to represent against the debunkers and fake truthers!

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New Video Interview of Dancing Israelis

I hadn't seen this until now...

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Is 'Unthinkable' -2010 the most offensive hollywood movie ever made?

Well, It gets my vote.

WARNING -the following contains spoilers!

Michael Sheen (done great work impersonating young Tony Blair before " Hi I'm Tony")
is an ex CIA newly converted Islamic Terrorist with 3 nuclear bombs due to go off in 6 days in 3 different US Cities, gets tortured by Samuel L Jackson ( The world's best torturer), and despite , all his fingernails ripped off, being regularly waterboarded, electrocuted, and Marathon manned (Amateur dentistry)he still wont give up the location of the bombs.

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Interesting Info From 9/11 Memorial Foundation Tax Filing

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Eight Truths Written to a Friend on Skype Text Chat

1. The truth is good news.

2. The truth will set you free.

3. The truth is that humans are usually much stronger than they think.

4. The truth is that no matter how much has happened that our lives are always in front of us and never behind.

5. The truth is that many animals have thoughts and feelings and it's monstrous in the extreme to be enslaving them and devouring them unnecessarily.

6. The truth is that you can almost always depend on people to let you and themselves down especially when it really counts.

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We Are Change Atlanta Sets a Good Example!

Very refreshing to see what appear to be genuine grassroots activists taking a level-headed approach to spreading the truth. Well done, guys!

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