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The Vast and Messy Neocon Experiment in Iraq and the Middle East

Rodrigue Tremblay

"We shall have no peace as long as the whole territory of the Land of Israel will not return under Jewish control.... A stable peace will come only then, when Israel will return to itself all its historical lands, and will thus control both the Suez and the Ormudz channel.... We must remember that Iraqi oil fields too are located on the Jewish land." - Avrom Shmulevic, rabbi and historian

"[American] strategy should aim, above all, at the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime from power."..[His removal is absolutely vital to] "the security of the world in the first part of the 21st century" and for "the safety of American troops in the region, of our friends and allies like Israel and the moderate Arab states, and a significant portion of the world's supply of oil." - Neocons' January 26, 1998 letter to President Bill Clinton

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Why DOESN'T DZ Ban Nico Haupt, aka Ewing2001 from 911Blogger?

This question has come up before and I don't think has ever been satisfactorily answered. Nico Haupt is quite possibly the most blatant of the overtly disinformational fake truthers. Could that be why? They need a foil like him to make the other (subtlely) fake truthers look more genuine? Could be! Here is a post including his latest comment, typical Nico...

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Ron Paul Revealed

Check out the video posted to 911b above. Ron Paul is asked about 9/11 and his answer CLEARLY indicates his LIHOP position--he emphasizes "prior warnings"and alludes to the fcat that the official investigation was meant to cover up incompetence over the ignoring of these warnings.

No doubt this will only encourage the cult of Ron Paul on 911B, which is immune to reality, or, more likely, quite happy to take the LIHOP pill and move on...

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Remember this comment? Is it me, or are people who seem surprised about Barry Jennings just not paying attention?

OK, proof AJ reads 911Blogger
Didn't we cover this yesterday in comments to this thread??

Yes we did, and the comments were for a story about limited fires, not eyewitnesses to explosions, which I added. But now it's AJ's story! And no mention of Blogger! Guess it's time to Digg? Whatever, imitation is the sincerest form of something...



Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force

Submitted by Real Truther on Mon, 04/30/2007 - 10:57am.

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Spiegel Online gate crashed!

Yesterday, SPON published an article concerning the recent WTC-impact simulations out of Purdue University, opening a corresponding thread in their public, moderated forum. While SPON's tenor was "a blow against 'dem pesky conspiracy loons!" as usual, this time, their formerly strict moderation, which used to stop skeptical voices dead in their tracks (posts are only published after review), let through a stunning amount of truth -- including Lucky Larry and Urban Moving Systems.

Frankly, I'm flabbergasted, and not yet sure what to make of this...

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911 Blogger's DZ to Refund "Server Fundraiser" Money

I have received an email from a concerned user which contributed to our server upgrade fundraiser several months ago. I apologize for not providing further details regarding the delay in these upgrades sooner.

My initial quote for upgrading our servers to a dedicated server was approximately $150/month, however after trying to switch over to a dedicated server three weeks ago I was quoted instead approximately $225-250/month due to licensing fees which had not been factored in. As such I have decided to hold off on our server upgrades until we figure out a new course of action.

Anyone who contributed to this fundraiser and would like their money refunded please email me back with your email address and the amount of your contribution and I will be happy to refund your donation. Otherwise the funds will be put towards our existing server costs or further server upgrades if and when they occur.

I apologize again for the lack of communication.

Best wishes,


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Loose Change Boys to Interview Barry Jennings?

The description can only be of Jennings, the black middle-aged dude whose interview with a reporter has been widely seen in 9/11 documentaries mentioning the explosions in WTC7 (on the 7th floor, that blew him and Michael Hess, the corporation counsel, back into the 8th floor)

A coup for the boys, no doubt--who/what is SCI that hooked them up? Anyway, I know better than to get too excited about any breathless announcement from any 9/11 truth "celebs" but let's hope this is something worth hearing--maybe Jennings has lost his amnesia surrounding the events of that day...

Tomorrow on LTW Radio we're gonna broadcast clips from an interview we conducted last Tuesday before we headed to Bonnaroo.

Btw, many many thanks to Travis of SCI for hooking us up.

You've seen him before, in a news interview widely disseminated on the web, but you've never heard from him since. Until now.

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More Shenanigans at 911Blogger

There's a blog post by none other than Carol Brouillet, famous in the movement for creating the "Bush did it" deception dollars.

She links to a movie, Severe Visibility, about the Pentagon attack. The movie itself is apparently a no plane at the Pentagon movie. The main character is a military dude who was somewhere where he would have seen the plane but he did not in fact see the plane, and can't bring himself to tell the foreign journalist (no doubt alluding to Thierry Meyssan) what he saw or didn't see.

In comments, "Chris" takes the opportunity to rub the whole Pentagon thing in Arabesque's face, which I would normally find entertaining. I clicked on the trailer for SV and watched it. Over and over it flashed in big letters "9/11/01 9:41 AM" in typical Hollywood style.

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Historical Parallels Between American and Israeli Settlement/Immigration

It struck me recently just how similar Zionist and 20th century American tactics have been in the way that they seem to screw things up in other countries in order to promote immigration to their own countries.

As we know, Zionists actually went so far as to stage attacks on Jews living peacefully in Arab countries so as to convince them of the need to seek shelter in a "Jewish" homeland.

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911 Blogger Happy to Promote Right Wing LIHOP Shills

Gosh, this whole divorce is going to be easier than I thought. In addition to promoting tax evading gun nuts holing themselves up in their homes, 911B has seen a bunch of recent posts featuring this "downsizeDC" crowd tha--surprise!--is also linked to the gun lobby.

Now I know some people will like good troglodytes accuse me in knuckle dragging knee jerk fashion of just not "getting" how important gun ownership is to America.

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Bush blew up my towers...

It's true--he was in there over the weekend with his cousin Wirt. I saw him.

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What Direction is 911Blogger Taking?

Well let's see,

The post above has a picture of Annie Machon, partner (some say former) of disinfo shill David Shayler. Plugged in this post are the films 9/11 Press for Truth, the Patsystan did it limited hangout movie, and Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime, along the same lines but even worse, failing to mention buidling 7 even once.

In this next post Jon Stewart is promoted as someone who "if woken up to the truth about 9/11" would be a great asset. The link provided is to a story on Alex Jones' site, no less. In comments, a few people including site owner dz talk up Jon Stewart as if he was a wonderful guy who just needs to wrap his head around 9/11. The video clip that is supposed to make us realize how brilliant Stewart is is basically a series of jokes making light of the tragedy in Iraq. I don't have time now to elaborate but suffice it to say that 911B may well be showing its true colors.

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LIHOP WATCH - The Containment Strategy

Searching through the Nation's articles on 9/11 I found this one from late last year that should give us an inkling into what the coming limited hangout is going to look like...


Gaping Holes Remain in the 9/11 Story

[posted online on September 11, 2006]

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Dennis Kucinich and Press for Truth - LIHOP Limited Hangout Dream Team?

The above post at 911B (I guess this is what I'm going to have to do if I'm banned) is about pushing Press for Truth along with Kucinich's "limited" investigation into 9/11.

Having been a Kucinich supporter in 04 and learned the hard way ($500 worth) that he cannot be counted on, I feel that what it looks like is that the limited hangout LIHOP film press for truth can probably shed some light on what Kucinich's investigation will entail. Remember, Kucinich is the Democrats' official lefty, meaning his job seems to be to draw in all the folks who feel let down by the democrats by giving them false hope that he can move the party back into some semblance of an opposition.

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I have apparently been blocked by 911 Blogger

Unless there is some glitch, my account on 911Blogger has been blocked.

"The username Real Truther has not been activated or is blocked."

That's what I get when I try to log in... no message from any admin to explain why this may have happened, either.

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What's up with Prof. Jones joining forces with disinfo king extraordinaire Jim Hoffman?

This has been bugging me for a while. After the split up of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth organization, which seems to have been precipitated by the falling out between Prof Steven Jones and Prof Jim Fezter, Prof Jones joined Jim Hoffman in founding a new organization called Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, with a new web site that features Jim Hoffman's disinformation about the Pentagon attack, containing only cherry-picked evidence and other dishonest arguments by Hoffman, but none of the contrary evidence (Jones used to unequivocally dispute the official story of AA77 hitting the Pentagon). What's up with that?

There was almost no one else in the 9/11 Truth Movement I respected more than Prof. Jones. On the other hand, there is almost no one in the 9/11 Truth movement I despize more than Jim Hoffman.

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I think that Bush is part of a crime family, but like all mafia, there are sometimes turf-wars. This time, the Bush Crime Family got outfoxed by another crime family. It seems reasonable to gather all the information we have about ALL the likely perpetrators of 9/11. Who could the criminals be? Let's see . . .

-who had spies in our country living next to the supposed hijackers?

-who was captured celebrating in view of the attacks, who had vans with explosives, cash, box-cutters, other people's passports?

-who failed lie-detector tests but were quietly allowed to leave the country on "visa violations?"

-who would like to pin the blame on Saudi Arabia?

-who called for a "new pearl harbor?"

-who wrote about the need to "secure the realm?" (bonus point: where is that realm?)

-who took ownership (with insurance terrorist rider) of the Twin Towers shortly before 9/11?

-who took out put options on the United and American Airlines?

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Norman Finkelstein Denied Tenure at DePaul

As reported by Bill Christison, former CIA analyst who (at least claims) to be a truther. Yet he also allows Counterpunch to publish his columns. And Finkelstein? Great guy, but not a truther. Still, denying him tenure speaks volumes about the influence of the Israel Lobby.

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New Paul Craig Roberts Column is a Must Read!

The neoconservatives have rewritten US war doctrine to permit preemptive US nuclear attack on non-nuclear countries . They have demonized Iran as the greatest threat since Hitler. Neoconservatives have invented "Islamofascism," something that exists only in the neoconservative propaganda used to instill in Americans hatred of Muslims. The neoconservatives have dehumanized Muslims as monsters who must be destroyed at all costs. Recent statements by neoconservative leaders such as Norman Podhoretz read like the ravings of ignorant lunatics. Podhoretz has written Muslims out of the human race. He demands that their culture be deracinated.

read the whole thing at:

One question-- Why does Paul Craig Roberts allow his columns to be published by Counterpunch, given that CP's editors are anti-Truth and censor his 9/11 related columns?

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The Googlian Knot

This is something I wrote before Google went public... a comment on the recent open thread at 911B about Google censorship and their "do no evil" motto prompted me to repost...

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Googlian Knot

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