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Peace is Possible

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A Chapter From Jewish History Jewish Religion by Israel Shahak

In the interest of equal time and being fair and balanced, here is a discussion of Classical Judaism (what religious Jews today practice) written by a secular Jewish concentration camp survivor... Be sure to share this information with those who think Islam is not a religion of peace but that Judaism is!

The Laws Against Non-Jews

"Chapter 5"
Jewish History, Jewish Religion:
The Weight of Three Thousand Years

by Professor Israel Shahak

About the Author:

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Missing Lockerbie Story From TimesonlineUK

Mysteriously unavailable at the original site, this story from the feeds on the right hand column is quite interesting--let's follow developments, as this is a relevant precedent for a reinvestigation of 9/11...

Calls for A Full Public Inquiry Into Lockerbie Bombing:Will Traficant Be Proven Right Again?
Posted by: Doubting Thomas (IP Logged)
Date: June 25, 2007 03:57PM

James Traficant has always maintained that Libyan national,al Megrahi, was framed by the FBI/CIA in the downing of Pam Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Al Megrahi's alleged co-defendent was acquitted.

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Should This Blog Become a Gossip Rag?

The question is tongue in cheek of course since we at wtcdemo strive to adhere to the most stringent journalistic standards always. As the registered users may have noticed recently the number of reads on each post is now available for you to see. See a trend? The ones that have to do with the movement and its motley cast of characters routinely get double digit reads while the posts about, well, 9/11 itself seem to struggle to get out of single digits. Since wtcdemo does not accept advertising (or donations, fear not!) it's not so much a reason to dedicate ourselves to gossiping about people in the movement, but it does seem interesting (i.e. it seems to mean something) that those posts are read by so many more people than the others. Could it be that there are in fact dozens of people trolling the internet not in search of candid discussion of the real issues surrounding 9/11 but who are instead more interested in the politics of the movement?

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The Political Spectrum and 9/11 Truth

I thought this was a great write up by Shumonik over at (YT aka Cosmos' site)--reproduced without permission because... yeah. Good stuff, wonder what people think!

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 11:14 am
Post subject: Political Bias and its relationship to 9-11 Truth


I was thinking that although the left-right divide has been used to divide and conquer us as a nation and a world, there are real differences to the way that people perceive politics and the way it plays out in understanding 9-11.

all of these following statements are generalizations

the radical left understands the word imperialism in the form of neo-cons and israel and resource domination. They understand from their economic/social analysis these guys are not incompetent so you just have to hone in on facts and the power of 9-11 Truth to undo Empire

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What Will Larry Own at the New WTC Complex?

My understanding is that he had to fork over a portion (about 800 million) to the Port Authority towards building the Freedom Tower, and that he is also obliged to use at least some of the rest of the insurance windfall to rebuild on the site. But will he own those buildings that he rebuilds? He certainly owns WTC7 because it was his outright before 9/11. But when he collected 4 billion in insurance, that money is his, no? And if he is rebuilding on the site (buildings other than the freedom tower) with the money, those buildings will be his, right? So he really WILL have made a huge profit, despite all these issues about being "forced" to rebuild and to contribute to the cost of the Freedom Tower. Can we try to find out exactly what the terms are as far as rebuilding and ownership on the WTC site?

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Christie Todd Whitman Testifies Today on Air Quality

This from the EPA Inspector General's report:

EPA issued five press releases within 10 days after September 11, 2001, four
more through the end of December, and another four through the end of May
2002. EPA’s WTC press releases from September through December 2001
reassured the public about air quality. Although EPA’s press releases generally
recommended that rescue and cleanup workers take precautions to reduce their
exposure to pollutants, EPA’s basic overriding message was that the public did
not need to be concerned about airborne contaminants caused by the WTC
collapse. This reassurance appeared to apply to both indoor and outdoor air.
For example, EPA Region 2 officials told us that the September 18 statement
made by the EPA Administrator (see Appendix C) that the air was “safe” to
breathe only applied to:

• long-term health effects – not short-term or acute health effects;
• the general public – not Ground Zero workers;

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Subtle Disinfo Watch - Dem Bruce Lee Styles Casts 911Blogger as the Victim of No-Planer Smear Campaign

Dem Bruce Lee Styles has posted a video at YT's Truthaction forum of Andrew Lowe Watson (a notorious no-plane advocate, part of the blatantly obvious disinfo crowd) where ALW attacks him, Jon Gold, YT, and others. Because I think YT is actually sincere, I think this is a method that the subtle disinfo crowd is going to be using to try to preserve credibility in light of their being exposed as censors of anti-LIHOP and anti-Zionist posters.

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CIA to Declassify the Goods - Should we be Skeptical?

Someone yesterday mentioned to me this whole thing about the CIA releasing all kinds of documents detailing their nefarious deeds. The guy who mentioned it was a skeptic of 9/11 truth who really was not making very good arguments generally. Seeing as how the story is being blogged on 911b by none other than Jon Gold I figured it was probably a good thing to comment on.

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The Unwritten Rules of

911blogger accepts that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by agents of the Bush administration, soon to be history, anyway. It is forbidden to write diaries that:

refer to claims that Israeli or any government except Pakistan's assisted in the attacks
refer to claims that any accepted icons of the 9/11 Truth Movement might have ulterior motives. That includes members #1-15.
suggest there might be other gross falsehoods systematically pervading history, unless explicitly approved of by the accepted icons of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

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A Day in the Life of Real Truther

Lovely day in Cambridge, lots of people to talk to, very few assholes to deal with. Met a few fellow truthers by pure coincidence. Found out that just down the street another 9/11 film festival was taking place at the Democracy Center. We're everywhere, folks...

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Nice Demolition Convo on 911B

The original post is here, but it is CONSCIOUSNESS (one of the good cookies still left at 911B) who nails it in comments. Nothing terribly new here (as the poster of the blog seems to think his/her "theory" is) but I love the comment by C because it includes many important details. I'm not really sure about the bill folding points--it IS suspicious how closely the folded images match but even if this was deliberate I bet it was only meant to lend an "occultish" and freemasony aura to the whole thing. Anyway, here is C's comment in all its MIHOP w/faked hijackings glory:

Good to see critical thinking...
But I think you've got it wrong. You need to keep doing more research, you don't have all the details yet.

Don't try to figure out how THEY pulled this off. Try to figure out what YOU would have to do if you wanted to pull this off.

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Ron Paul's Right Wing detractors

Yikes! How surreal is this? Ron Paul is a pseudo-truth candidate, meaning his cult on 911blogger try to convince us he's our savior. Why? Maybe so that their co-conspirators can spread stuff like this?

More Ron Paul Supporters He Won’t Want You to See
Posted in Un-American activities, Homeland Security, Islamic Expansionism by Rob Taylor on the June 21st, 2007

Here’s a blog that recently railed against the Republican effort to “marginalize” the Messiah of half-baked libertarianism. But look around and you’ll see that these Ron Paul supporters aren’t disgruntled Republicans at all, but instead are a collection of Jihadis, anti-Semites and pro-terror propagandists.

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Sorry for the technical glitches

I just witnessed a few comments disappear, mostly to to server failure because the opinions expressed were just too intense.

Rest assured we are working to fix the problem. Thank you for visiting the blog - the last oasis of no-nonsense censorship free discussion on the subject of 9/11!

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Meanwhile, back at the shill ranch...

Jon Gold and a crack team of his aliases are busy pressing Push for Truth I mean pushing Press for Truth by blogging this brave blog post over at

House Patsies for 9/11 Truth

I'm not supposed to say anything but this is part of the strategy of having Kucinich open a LIHOP investigation so that Demonrats will be seen as interested in "the REAL truth" while right-wing tax evading christian zealots are seen as pushing the insane MIHOP ravings of Alex Jones and the Loose Change boyz.

Just thought you might like to know!


In other news, John Albanese is putting the finishing touches on his exposé of disinformation in the movement. His people have confirmed that the film will take the form of an autobiography.

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Bush was not in on 9/11


The post is actually of an article by a denier who says that since Bush was not in on it, it must have been al Qaeda.

Problem 1: the most obvious, which is that the writer is a shill and wants people to think al Qaeda did 9/11.

Problem 2: the notion that either it was al Qaeda OR it was Bush is flawed, because there is no reason to believe, and many reasons not to believe, that Bush was aware of the specific plot before 9/11.

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Info About

The site is registered to a Catherine Valentino.

There is a city council member of Ithaca New York, a career Democrat, by that name.

Ithaca is 80 miles from Oneonta, where Loose Change is based.

Ithaca is apparently also the home of a strident pro-Zionist campaign...

I found this on their site:

Free Trade Networking:

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I'm always looking for good music, and most assuredly am not alone in this endeavour. Share some of your favorites so we all might discover something new to nurture our spirits!

Some off the top of my head:

Kenji Kawai - Making of Cyborg
Goldfrapp - Hairy Trees
Claude Debussy - Arabesque
Yann Tiersen - Les Deux Pianos
Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice
Bach - Jesu bleibet meine Freude BWV147
Orbital - P.E.T.R.O.L.
Juno Reactor - Conga Fury
Blu Mar Ten - Simon & Lisa
Air - Le Soleil Est Pres de Moi
Mos Def/Massive Attack - I against I
Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child
Doors - Riders on the Storm
Thomas Newman - Desert Storm
Hardfloor - Pepper Penalty

(RATM & Prodigy go without mention, and this list is by no means exhaustive.)

I absolutely love each and every one of the tunes above, so you might want to give them a try!

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Anger Management Problems and 9/11

I snagged this from the TruthMove guys who blogged it at 911blogger.

My favorite line: "I bet you'd all love a chance to suck Osama bin Laden's dick." ewwww

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Dov Zakheim and the Remotely Controlled Planes on 9/11

Interesting thread!

Dov Zakheim's Homeland Security biz and the remote control of aircraft [ Post 1092638 ]

Category: Miscellaneous Issues and Topics Topic: Member Opinions & Questions
Synopsis: System Planning Corporation's Command Transmitter Systems (CTS) provide remote control...
Source: various
Published: December 7, 2003 Author: self
For Education and Discussion Only. Not for Commercial Use.

Dov Zakheim. Not many Americans know who he is, but they ignore him at their own peril. If for no other reason, a dual Israeli-American citizen as Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer of the United States Dept. of Defense should raise some eyebrows. He was also President Bush's senior foreign policy advisor during the 2000 campaign.

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