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just for laughs


PRIME Minister Gordon Brown has dismissed the latest London bomb scare as "feeble" and "unlikely to frighten the public".

Brown compared MI5 to the cast of 'Police Academy'
Mr Brown is understood to be disappointed with MI5's effort, describing it as "half-arsed and transparent".

A source close to Brown said: "The PM wanted to start things off by scaring the absolute, holy shit out of people.

"A badly driven Merc with a couple of gas bottles in the back does not cut the mustard.

"We asked for Arabic literature on the passenger seat, a map of Whitehall with big red crosses on it and a huge controlled explosion on live television. Someone will be getting their backside felt for this."

The source added: "We're trying to introduce ID cards, imprisonment without trial and swingeing restrictions on freedom of speech.

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Sheehan vs Pelosi

Cindy Sheehan, the soldier's mother who galvanized the anti-war movement, said Sunday that she plans to seek House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's congressional seat unless she introduces articles of impeachment against President Bush in the next two weeks.,2933,288589,00.html

I hope she takes out Pelosi and get 911 investigated.

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Show your resistance!

Alright, so a few days ago, my bro suggested having a symbol of 9/11 Truth awareness to wear visibly. Instantly, it reminded me of stories I heard of the norwegian resistance in WW2, who wore paperclips to overcome isolation and facilitate cooperation (the wearing of paperclips was eventually banned, btw.). The question remained: What kind of symbol would be appropriate? It had to be common, handy and cheap, that much was clear...

Now, someone on, a german computer magazine -- where displeasure with the rapid dismantlement of our constitution has been boiling for a while -- has had a truly excellent idea: Wear a resistor!

I <3 this! What say you?

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The Only All-Inclusive 911 Resolution - TCN911WIJ

I just saw this and don't have time to read it through just now. But, hopefully by posting it here, when I return there will be some interesting comments to read as well.

The Only All-Inclusive 911 Resolution - TCN911WIJ
By Ed Ward, MD
Thermate, C4-like explosives, Micro Nukes and 911 Was an Inside Job (TCN911WIJ).

The Only Proven Theory that Complies with All of the Scientific Method in One Theory. According to the Scientific Method, TCN911WIJ is the Primary Working Theory for the 911 Demoliton until Refuted by a Preponderance of Evidence.

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Mike Gravel's on the page!

from his blog/forum:

Gravel Supports Independent 9/11 Inquiry
Submitted by alex on Sat, 2007-07-07 11:55.

Thanks to everybody committed to the 9/11 truth movement who have forwarded us films and literature concerning 9/11. We have taken considerable amount of time to look into this issue, there is a lot of evidence to sift through. After careful consideration and much study, Senator Gravel agrees that an independent inquiry is indeed needed to get to the bottom of what happened on September 11, 2001.

Gravel 08

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Qu'est-ce qu'elle a dit ?!

Here a French "peloton de vérité" (truth squad) gets Christine Boutin, minister in the new Sarkozy government, to admit that there might be something to the assertion that Bush was behind 9/11. Basically, she says that the websites that discuss the theories get so many hits that she has to ask herself if it is possible. have gotten some flak for cutting the video off where they did, evidently right before she says that she personally does not "believe" it.

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Declaration of Intent from the Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention


(A Draft)

Our nation is in crisis. Our Constitution has been shredded. The peace movement has run aground, and impeachment is “off the table.” The war machine continues to trample the will of the people and crush any opposition in its murderous drive toward global domination.

The Democratic Party has betrayed its mandate to end the Iraq War and bring the troops home, exposing the two-party system for the elite corporate tool it is.

We no longer have a free press. Our major media are owned and controlled by the same few corporations that manufacture arms and feed off billion-dollar contracts handed to them by Bush appointees.

Where are the checks and balances?

Where is Government by the People?

Where is the public outrage?

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daily reach of 911B takes a nose dive after Jul 3

I don't think I need to write much the alexa ranking speaks for itself

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Kevin Ryan's letter to President Cordova of Purdue U

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Video: Gordon Ross discusses the Twin Towers' demolition

Google Video Link

A great, concise presentation of a very probable demolition scenario undisputed as of yet -- I tip my hat to Mr. Ross!

As they would probably say in Scotland: Perpetraitors, we'll set about ye!

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7/7/07 wtc7

It's 2am and I'm sitting here thinking about my next blog (the one you are reading). It's be about why I think arguing about who the perps of 9/11 are is not very effective at this stage in the game. We just don't have enough information to make a sound judgment. Why? Because there has never been an investigation into this massive crime.

Just now I looked at todays date, 7/7/07. I should get to bed soon. I have to leave early for my great grandparents 70th wedding anniversary today.

The obvious demolition of World Trade Center 7 is the golden egg for the 9/11 Truth movement. We can argue about perps, ISI, CIA, triple agents, Mossad, Zionism, and a whole slew of other divisive and un-attainable angles. I'm sure there will always be an abundance of personalities willing to argue these angles.

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some graphics...

Print a big poster, or an even bigger one. Or go massive!

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Contacting Controlled Demolition Experts


We research and come up with a list of demolition experts. We ask for telephone, e-mail, or personal interviews in order to specifically address the demolition of WTC 7. Be careful of obvious fakes, phonies, and plants.

The Jewenko video was very effective...imagine something similar....but in English.

Maybe someone here is interested in helping me with this.

Has it been done and I've just missed these very important interviews?

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A few thoughts…

While watching this drama unfold I couldn't help but think of my studies in anarchism. Perhaps this blog will help somewhat.

First of all, division isn’t always a bad thing:

"The anarchist alternative is that of fragmentation, fission rather than fusion, diversity rather than unity, a mass of societies rather than a mass society" (Ward)

This is another way of saying that individual freedom should be respected above all else, and that people should not be coerced into “fusing” with the mass like one-celled amoeba.

But division can also produce the aforementioned “people’s front of Judea” phenomenon: squabbling camps easily manipulated by a united enemy.

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Anonymous posts to be moderated

for the time being... fear not, registered users who are not in reality Killtown will never have their comments moderated. instead of arguing about a blatant disinfo disruptor, maybe people have thoughts about where the movement goes from here?

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Dancing Israelis, Arabic Flight Manuals, PNAC, Pull It

Why have the most popular hypothesized perps of 911 all acted so uncharacteristically considering they are allegedly conducting one of the most massive criminal acts in US history?

If I was an Islamic Extremeist Hijacker I would not leave an Arabic flight manual in my rent-a-car along with other extremely incriminating evidence.

If I as an Israeli super-spook I would not get on top of my van in the city and dance as two huge towers fell to the ground.

If I was Dick Cheney & PNAC I would not write a guide book on how to secure power...after a massive event that just might happen to be the 2nd Pearl Harbor.

If I was Larry Silverstein I would not go on PBS and tell the Camera that we decided to pull a building that looks exactly like it was 'pulled' in the controlled demolition sense.

I imagine all these perps were involved and each has been semi-exposed as to protect each other amd force the other perps to keep quiet.

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Loose Change Boyz My Space Pages


My Space is owned by Rupert Murdoch--do they know this? Anyway, their pics look really cool and they have a ton of "friends".

They are rad.

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911 Truth On Independance Day

Hopefully everyone had a great time with family and friends on July 4th. I know I did. A very interesting day for me and for 9/11 Truth. I'd like to post this as an open thread for everyone to post there 911 Truth related Independence Day stories.

If you took a 9/11 Truth break then that's cool too.

All I have to say is damn! If my soon to be father-in-law is tossing around the '911 was an inside job' notion....then way more people then I ever imagined are on this train. Well, maybe they aren't exactly on the train yet, but they are at least considering purchasing a ticket.

I brought it up about 3/4 of the way into the night. "Do you know how many buildings collapsed on 9/11?". As usual no one did. Well a few people did but they are my usual 9/11 Truth buddies that I have been discussing these issues with for a few years now.

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"What's Going On at 911Blogger"... yeah, right... GW Defends the Stranglehold on Comments

GeorgeWashington has stepped in to take some of the heat for Reprehensor, who has been buried under an avalanche of negative feedback about his plan to moderate comments. For some reason, I'm almost more offended at GW's patronizing attempt to calm the rabble than I was with Rep's more matter-of-fact announcement of the advent of unabashed censorship.

First, GW suggests that dz thought of abandoning comments several times, because they led to the need for greater bandwidth and thus higher operating costs. Yeah, that's right -- and that's why a number of us coughed up money for a new server. Have you noticed, though, that it's been weeks since comments blacked out due to server overload? The site seemed to be operating without loading delays as well. In fact, things seemed to be toodling along just fine.

But wait! That's not why the Hoover Dam on comments was put into place, rather

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