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Wired for Terror: On the Trail of the “Men” Who Brought Down the Towers – PART TWO A: Judaism vs. Zionism



Dr. Lazlo Toth

October 6, 2007


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Comment Voting Compromised Chez Blogger? And What's Up with Selective Comment Moderation?

I don't really think it's likely, but I do find the relentless down-voting of Chris and Erin S. Myers in the "Amerika Uber Alles" thread somewhat surprising.  Anyway, one reason for starting this blog is that the thread called "What Should Blogger Do About Its Comments" here has gotten too long.  I hate it when things go on to a second page, and making pages longer (mine are set at 90 comments per page) will eventually really stress the database server (or so I've heard).

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Unmasking AIPAC

thanks again, Counterpunch!  you're still sacks of shit! 

"It Doesn't Get Any Worse Than That, Ray"

Unmasking AIPAC


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Horowitz's "Islamofascism Awareness Week"

thanks, Counterpunch, you sacks of shit!

Hate Week Comes to Campus


If you wanted to know what Sen. Joe McCarthy would sound like if he came back from the dead, read David Horowitz's explanation for "Islamofascism Awareness Week," an event he is sponsoring on college campuses across the country from October 22-26:

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Disturbing New Tactic on the Part of the Perps

Has to be read to be believed...

Privated for obvious reasons.

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The Rogue Nation Tour Package - No thanks, Travelocity!

Be sure to click on the links for their travel packages, and read my email response at the end... 


Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007

From: Travelocity Member Services

To: Gretavo aka Real Truther

Subject: Discover Israel: Save $210 per Couple on 8-Day Escorted Tours

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Erin S. Myers Threatens to Pop Me One

Over at the blogger, the thread in which Carol Brouillet has reposted Eric S. May's article "Amerika Uber Alles" is turning into something very strange. Posts that indicate the writer doesn't feel May's cartoon Jew-hating is relevant are being mercilessly downvoted, which is perhaps leading to some frustration. Erin S. Myers, whom I have always considered a congenial fellow bloggerite, posts this in a comment titled "Got Red Book?" which is a direct response to me:

"This behavior a foot is possibly the most loathsome singlemindset
imaginable to me. It would surly test most all my sand not to smack you
in the face if you were standing here."

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India and Israel, Partners in Crime?

Couldn't help but think back to my time in the Harvard peace group--the main activists included two Indian nationals.  When I forced the group into having a discussion about 9/11 after a being ignored for months, they were the main ones arguing against controlled demolition of the WTC.  One was in biochem and the other in physics--not exactly dim bulbs.

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This Deserved Promotion...

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Harvard Crimson Suspends Reader Comments - Gosh I Wonder Why!

How pathetic is this? 

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For those not subscribed to MUJCA alerts...

Kevin Barrett's latest email... good stuff with Amy Goodman...


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All the Motivation I Need

I will be emceeing a war protest in Portland tomorrow, which will probably mean speaking in front of a couple of thousand people. I think I can do it fine, but if I feel stage fright, I'm going to think of this video. Warning: it contains some really gutwrenching/heartbreaking images of injured and dead Iraqi children. (And I love this Foo Fighters song.)


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Your Advice Sought in a Most Important Matter

Thanks to my efforts to bring 9/11 Truth to the unwashed masses of the left community in Portland by infiltrating their organizing committees, I will be emceeing an anti-war rally on Saturday.  They know I represent a group called "The September 11 Affinity Group" so they won't be shocked when I get Truthy -- but I want it to be classy Truth!  I just want some good basic tidbits to pepper in while I carry out my basic duties to introduce the speakers and so forth.  Should I wear a teeshirt a la South Park?  Are there any catchy but pithy things I can say?  One thing I thought of was something like "We know the war on Iraq was built on lies -- one of them being the utterly false assertion that Saddam had anything to do with 9/11.  But that's a lie built on a lie, because not only was he not involved, but we to this day do not know any of the truth about what happened."  Somethin' like that.

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Reply from Senator Dianne Feinstein re: 9/11

Apparently Senator Feinstein gets so many inquiries alleging government involvement in 9/11 that a pre-drafted form response goes out to us questioners:

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Jon Gold is back

i know we shouldn't be giving him any more attention, so i have this set to private. it's the same old crap of course, but add a comment over there if you have a few minutes to waste.

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Tongue Studs & Kama Sutra - Meet the Kucinichs

Meet The Kucinichs - According To Fox News

Here is a humerous article about Mr. & Mrs. Kucincih. It reads like a new agey 'old guy gets young hippy babe on first date' romantic comedy. I found it when looking for information on these sekrit Kucinich hearings about two discreet aspects of the 9/11 attacks.

Love at first site, marriage proposal on the second meeting, tongue studs, and....someone's into Kaba Sutra.....(dennis you old dog (he's 60) ;).

Your probably wondering why I'm not writing a blog about the big update regarding the Kucinich 9/11 Hearings...well let's just say there wasn't much to report so I found this funny Fox article about Dennis and Liz for you.

Here see for yourself....presented as a news update about the Kunicich hearings over at

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help! has anybody heard or seen Ahmadinejad's speech to UN General Assembly?

can't seem to find anywhere and was on the watch all day - certainly not on "the news"  (the actual speech/transcript!).  have i missed looking under the right rug (no pun intended!)? google is not helping, thus far.

somebody please find a transcript and post! 

no matter what he said at Columbia about "we do not have this phenomenon in Iran" regarding homosexuals, i still want to hear his f'n speech!

 the president of columbia u s a douche bag.  my lord, what a travesty.




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9/11 Family Member Issues Open Letter About Jon Gold And Being United

This was an open letter posted by Jon Gold on 9/ I was going to ask Jon if he cared if I re-posted it but it turns out the letter is not too Jon Gold but about Jon Gold to 'open letter'. I'm assuming that means "9/11 Truth Movement". I guess that includes me so here we go.

It reminds me of a reference letter for employment or membershipo into a club.

If Jon commissioned this reference letter I find that a little odd. If it were me I'd feel strange when Mrs. Little asked me who to address it to.

On the other hand, if Mrs. Miller saw Jon getting beat up on 9/11 Blogger and within 9/11 Truth in general and felt compelled to write this to everyone, I find that just as interesting.

She mentions Tarpley's name but I only found a real short quote where Tarpley talks shit on Jon Gold. It wasn't even that bad.

WHo knows, this is all kind of goofy.

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Litmus Test

This was a comment made by Erin S. Myers in Jon Gold's current (weekly?) Sibel Edmonds thread at apt911b.  I should note that I did not ask Erin for permission to repost this -- and if he has a problem I will remove it at once.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is the simplified version of a 'litmus test' developed over the
last several years which seems to work moderately well. However, just
remember that here, there are no real absolutes and the results should
be incorporated into a much larger intel gathering process and analysis
which continually affords the best benefits of doubt to the subject
BEFORE gravitating toward conclusions, and especially before any plans
of action are chosen or executed.

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“Iraq Was Invaded ‘to Protect Israel’ – U.S. Official,” Asia Times.

Emad Mekay, “Iraq Was Invaded ‘to Protect Israel’ – U.S. Official,”
Asia Times, March 31, 2004.

The U.S. official whom Emad Mekay refers to in his Asia Times article is none other than Philip Zelikow, who spoke of Iraq as a perceived “threat” to Israel, and thusly called Iraq “the threat that dare not speak its name.” By way of explanation, Zelikow says in this report that “the American government doesn’t want to lean too hard on it [the Iraq as ‘threat to Israel’ idea] rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell.”

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