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SPECIAL REPORT: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

For a majority of likely voters, meaningless bullshit will be the most important factor in deciding who they will vote for in 2008. Surprised

Since it is not possible whilst creating this blogball to know whether droopy will eventually cooperate and properly display an embedded video, the URL to this breaking story is below the image:



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"Islamofascism Awareness Week"

 received this today in an email...check out the "facilitators" at the "places of higher learning" listed below.

This is despicable! We need to have counter-demonstrations at these conferences!!!

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Regarding the 6th part of "9/11 Coincidences" from Wordpress

For close to two years leading up to 9/11/01, i had noticed,  and had commented on, the unusual increased amount of con-trails/jet trails high up in the heavens. I would notice them while driving on highways in the northeast, especially.  

 Anyone else happen to notice this phenomenon? I really thought it was ominous.

The two years of Able Danger/Able Warrior military exercises referred to in this vid have confirmed my suspicions from way back then that something was up ...

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Latest message from 9/11 Mysteries/Sofia Saturday, November 3rdHoffman Auditorium, Saint Joseph CollegeWest Hartford CT 06117 A DAY OF REAL PEOPLE Proceeds donated to the FealGood Foundationfor first responders and their families * See filmmaker Penny Little's fine piece on the aftermath ofSeptember 11th ... $19 Order DVD here "I felt someone had to cover this crime -- be an advocate for these people whose story has been swept under the rug." -- Penny Little

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Comic Relief from the Department of Applied Linguistics

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Senator Norm Coleman: WTC7's Omission from 9/11 Report is 'Black Helicopter Stuff'

Senator: WTC7's Omission from 9/11 Report is 'Black Helicopter Stuff'
Coleman Refuses New Probe; "I don't think there's a new investigation to 9/11 that's really called for"

See | October 12, 2007 for more

In an act of obvious dismissal, Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman claimed that WTC Building 7's omission from the 9/11 Commission Report is "black helicopter stuff," and repeated his characterization to follow-ups questioning whether or not "the building fell on 9/11."

The Senator concluded, "I'm telling you, I think I'm being honest with you ...I think it's black helicopter stuff."

MN C.H.A.N.G.E confronts Senator Norm Coleman

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Arabesque's False Unity Crusade - When it comes to ID'ing COINTELPRO, is Arabesque the New John Albanese?


Arabesque is currently riding high as an authority on what is disinformation and COINTELPRO in the 9/11 Truth Movement.  Arguments over this kind of claim to authority is one of the things that made RT persona-non-grata at 911blogger, so its resurfacing with a veneer of sober objectivity begs for some good-ol' fashioned "disunifying" critique.

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Real Truther Represents at Installation of New Harvard President

Unfortunately RT couldn't spend more than an hour (lunch) but as it was, Drew Faust walked by him and her eyes fixed on the sign for a second or two from about two feet away (she was talking with another person as she walked to the tent.)

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"Debunkers" Claim Victory at "Screw Loose Change" Forum

SLC Freak

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Letter to a Hypocrite


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Serving Two Flags

[There's been a little discussion at 911blogger and the TruthMove forum regarding whether or not the oft-referenced "dual citizenship" of many of the neo-cons can be reliably sourced as fact. Although this article does not mention the citizenship status of the neo-con players in question, it certainly makes a strong case for entirely fractured -- or non-existent -- national loyalty. More thanks to the sacks of shit at CounterPunch.]

February 28 / 29, 2004

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Israel's Finger On Our Trigger by Peter Chamberlin


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Confusion on Alternet - Shill Confused Over Which WTC7 Cover Story to Use!

Join the fun here

Laughably antiquated propaganda! Posted by: gretavo on Oct 9, 2007 11:07 AM

 they hate our freedoms! and our support of Israel! and WTC building 7 destroyed itself the way buildings often do, in the exact manner of a professional controleld demolition with explosives!

» RE: Laughably antiquated propaganda! Posted by: andy_f_90

» Andy_f_90, what an excellent summary of the issue. Posted by: Prophit

You seem to enjoy putting words in my mouth, gretavo. All I said was Osama did 9/11 and no one else. Posted by: yellow on Oct 9, 2007 10:52 PM

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How Did We Miss This Israeli Attack on Syria?


Did I sleep through this?  Israel "pre-emptively" destroyed a facility in Syria that they claim was being used to develop nukes (haven't we heard that one before?)

Man, clearly the Zionists have jumped the shark... note that in this article, Philip Zelikow is cited and quoted as a moderate who thinks this could harm American diplomatic efforts!

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You gotta love this guy, Nathan Moulton!

although I rarely step foot inside one of these stores, I would have been jumping up and down had i heard this on a WalMart intercom!!!!

 from 911 blogger:


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Ron Paul...can you believe it? unforgivable.

Republican Debate:

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly positive for anti-war Paul-wise; then, he made that gaffe which opened him up to Giuliani..something about not ever having been attacked (?) regarding Iran's supposed threat.

 and, of course, Mr. perseverative 9/11 G was all over that. 

then...Ron Pauls really blew it: "but that was just 19 islamic terrorist hooligans"

 did he really say that???

did anyone hear/see this?


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Just got a huge stack of Architects and Engineers' cards!

They are VERY nice quality, big, thick, and glossy.  They will have the local flyer police apoplectic in no time!

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Truth Revolution

Hey guys,

Thought you might want to check out my new video. Here's the thread on blogger:

RT makes a cameo about half-way through...;)

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Tom Daschle vs. Bush/Cheney. Anthrax and warrantless wiretapping...

January 24, 2002: Bush and Cheney Urge Senator to Avoid 9/11 Inquiry: 

"Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D) later claims that on this day, Vice President Cheney calls him and urges that no 9/11 inquiry be made. President Bush repeats the request on January 28, and Daschle is repeatedly pressured thereafter. Newsweek summarizes one of these conversations: “Bush administration officials might say they’re too busy running the war on terrorism to show up. Press the issue… and you risk being accused of interfering with the mission.” [Newsweek, 2/4/2002] Cheney later disagrees: “Tom’s wrong. He has, in this case, let’s say a misinterpretation.”

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The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany

The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany 

The Economic Boycott of 1933
Article from The Barnes Review, Jan./Feb. 2001, pp. 41-45.
The Barnes Review, 645 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Suite 100, Washington D.C. 20003, USA.


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