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Richard Gage: Shark Jump Complete?

"So Richard Gage is headlining 3 dates in Ireland and 1 in Scotland in June. The organisers, 'Sovereign Independent', describe the tour as 'THE MASTERPLAN - THE HIDDEN AGENDA FOR A GLOBAL SCIENTIFIC DICTATORSHIP.'"


The Sovereign Independent site:
Page on this event:

Luke Rudkowski is also appearing.

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Is the World Being Prepped for WW3?

A friend asked me this question and I was surprised to find that I'd not really considered the possibility. It does seem that the world is becoming increasingly polarized - and that this is not a wholly natural process, i.e. it is being manufactured. Here's a rough sketch of how the lines might be being drawn...


United Kingdom



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Iran says it dismantled U.S. spy network

Iran says it dismantles U.S. spy network; 24 held
By the CNN Wire Staff
May 21, 2011 2:54 p.m. EDT

Iran says the network extends to Turkey, Malaysia and the UAE
CIA operatives in different parts of the globe launched the network, Press TV says

Along with those arrested, a few dozens CIA operatives were ID'd, the report says

(CNN) -- Iran says it has busted a U.S. espionage network, arresting 24 people accused of spying and identifying 42 CIA operatives linked to the operation, state-run Press TV reported, citing an Iranian intelligence ministry statement.

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WTCD Averaging 6000 Unique Visitors Per Month in 2011

May should come close to our record of around 7900 set in September of last year...

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Who is Larry Franklin?




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Who is David Tenenbaum?

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, July/August 1998, Pages 46, 97

Special Report

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Who is Ben-Ami Kadish?


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Who is Stewart Nozette?

Note: worked at Lawrence Livermore National Labs, later went to work for the Indian space program, in 2009 arrested for attempted espionage (for Israel, or so he thought...)

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Resigning Bureau Chief: "Al Jazeera...the operations room for incitement and mobilization"

Al Jazeera's Beirut Bureau Chief, Ghassan Ben Jeddo, Resigns

by Yoshie Furuhashi

As-Safir, a left-wing Lebanese newspaper, first reported on Saturday that Al Jazeera's Beirut bureau chief Ghassan Ben Jeddo resigned. The news has now been confirmed by Al-Manar, which has interviewed Ben Jeddo.

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What's up with Hamid Gul? What's up with India?

He seems to get a good deal of media exposure, and has been featured on Alex Jones' show, so I'm not sure if I trust him. On the other hand, given who he is we can't really ignore what he says, since one way or another, as the truth or as a ruse, it is meaningful. The more I read about Pakistan the more it seems like it is besieged on multiple fronts - by "terrorists", by India, by the U.S., and quite possibly by other actors working covertly to destabilize the country.

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"State-Sponsor" Behind Latest "Terror Attack" in Pakistan?

So as Jon Gold and Jeffrey Hill waste the truth movement's time pointing the finger at the ISI for their alleged assistance to the alleged 9/11 hijackers, Pakistan continues to heat up--but who is the real enemy? Al Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban? Or is someone using them as a sockpuppet?

PNS Mehran Attack:
Ten Security Personnel Martyred; 4 Militants Killed in Operation

'Pakistan Times' Bureau Report

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Hijacking the civil rights movement for Israel...

"This title declares it to be the policy of the United States that discrimination on the ground of race, color, or national origin shall not occur in connection with programs and activities receiving Federal financial assistance and authorizes"

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LIHOPpers Gone Wild: Embrace Fox News War-Pimping 9/11 Special

Thoughts on FOX News Special “The Secrets of 9/11?

May 21, 2011
Source: 9/11 Truth News
Category: BLOG
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WAR PIMP ALERT - New 9/11 Suspect "Discovered"


EXCLUSIVE: New Evidence Suggests Radical Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki Was an Overlooked Key Player in 9/11 Plot

By Catherine Herridge, Pamela Browne, Cyd Upson & Gregory Johnson

Published May 20, 2011


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How to Responsibly and Effectively Re-Open the Pentagon Debate?

I think it's unfortunate that in the aftermath of Operation CIT people seem less inclined to talk about the Pentagon for fear of disturbing an imagined truce in the interest of the "greater movement". "Problem-Reaction-Solution" seems to have been used to achieve this self-censorship with the "CIT Flyover" drama.

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9/11 Families Discover IRAN Behind 9/11 Attacks!

Oh ho ho, jimd3000!

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New Victim Compensation Czar Selected by Atty General Eric Holder to Administer Zadroga Act

USDOJ: Attorney General Holder Names Sheila L. Birnbaum as Special Master of September 11th Victim Compensation Fund

WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder today announced that he has chosen Sheila L. Birnbaum to head the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund program. Birnbaum, a life-long New Yorker, has decades of experience resolving complicated litigation. Birnbaum gained recognition and regard from the victims community for her work mediating a settlement of $500 million for 92 families of victims of the September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

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New Threat Identified: al-Qapone Network Warns 9/11 Truth Movement

Just got this alert from the SIKE Intelligence Group, a watchdog group that produces, monitors, translates, and disseminates Jihadi propaganda...


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