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Judy Wood was on Gary Null recently...

and a friend of mine, after hearing the interview, was going to run out to buy her new book. after cautioning him, i did a little research and found this:

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Who is Victoria Nuland? Happy Independence Day in the New American Century! 2011

"...The decision to stop "The Audacity of Hope" is the "latest example of another government being strong-armed by Israel into colluding in its illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip," said Jane Hirschmann, an American who is one of the flotilla organizers...."

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The Kingdom and the Towers - Vanity Fair

Wow, looks like Jeffrey "shure" Hill got himself a job at vanity fair!

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Anyone else having trouble accessing 911blogger's most recent posts?

Anyone? Bueller?

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U.S., Israel escalate threats against flotilla, including U.S. citizens

U.S., Israel escalate threats against flotilla, including U.S. citizens

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Did Bin Laden Really Write the 1996 and 1998 Fatwa Against the U.S.?

The first article here was published shortly after 9/11, no doubt to help flesh out the Osama legend, and it is an account of a visit to OBL by the editor of Al-Quds Al-Arabi, a small London based Islamic paper that coincidentally also received from and published OBL's two fatwas, in 1996 and 1998, that don't seem to have been reported much if at all before 9/11. Following that is the wikipedia entry which is understandably low on actual facts and history of AQAA or its sole editor.

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Obama and LIHOPpers Marching in Lockstep to Expand War Against Pakistan

With Afghan withdrawal, US focus turns to Pakistan

By SEBASTIAN ABBOT, Associated Press – 9 hours ago

ISLAMABAD (AP) — As the U.S. looks ahead to its phased withdrawal from Afghanistan, even more attention is being directed toward Pakistan, where Obama administration officials say al-Qaida and its allies are still plotting attacks against the West.

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Appeals Court Overturns Hellerstein Ruling on WTC7, Sort Of

Odd that they claim the Port Authority owned WTC7, my understanding is that it was owned outright by Silverstein...

Court Says Suit Can Proceed over WTC Tower Collapse
By Basil Katz | June 22, 2011

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey can be sued for negligence over the collapse of a World Trade Center building in the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001, a U.S. appeals court ruled Tuesday.

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i do so love this gent

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Pentagon Bomb Scare Suspect Named

How shady. I wonder what Yonathan was planning to do with his explosives in Arlington National Cemetery?,0,334454.story
Suspect identified in Pentagon bomb scare investigation
From the Associated Press

9:55 AM PDT, June 17, 2011



A law enforcement official is identifying the suspect with suspicious materials in a backpack near the Pentagon as a Virginia man who is originally from Ethiopia.

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"Chemtrails" Distraction Doing Double Duty?

I wonder if the idea of "chemtrails" is, in addition to making people look like idiot conspiracy theorists, to deflect attention from the role played by airplane contrails on weather patterns and by extension on "climate change"...

Jet trails above fueling weather changes below, researchers say

Chicago Tribune; Chicago, Ill.; Aug 8, 2002;
Ronald Kotulak, Tribune science reporter

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9/11 truth best films?

A desert Island discs of real truthers?.

If you had to recommend 5 or less 911 truth dvds to someone of fair intelligence to research the subject, what would they be ?

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Wikileaks Shows Link Between Saddam and Terrorism - FrontPage Magazine

Thank you wikileaks! Thank you Julian Assange! You are true heroes leading us into the light. Yep.

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Jeffrey "Shure" Hill Continues Racist LIHOP Campaign

LeftWright seems keen to support the existence of al Qaeda, as well as having recently been keen to support the sincerity of Steven Jones.  Hey, NYCGuy, why do you bother arguing with these obvious shills?


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Results of Latest BuildingWhat Poll

New Building 7 Poll
Download Press Release (PDF)
Download Poll Results (PDF)

Siena Research Institute Poll Commissioned by “Remember Building 7” Campaign Shows Significant Skepticism of Official Account

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I think it's time to call out Bob Dylan

after all, he liked Mumford & Sons


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What are 9/11 Connected Israeli Billionaires Doing in Iran?

Published 09:33 03.06.11
Latest update 13:21 03.06.11
Israeli billionaire involved in Iran dealings dies in Tel Aviv
Sami Ofer's company is currently under investigation for allegedly docking ships under their ownership in Iran.
By Haaretz Service
Tags: Iran

Sami Ofer, an Israeli businessman whose company has come under fire in recent weeks for alleged dealings with Iran, died late Thursday night of a long battle with unknown illness in his home at the age of 89.

Ofer is survived by his wife, Aviva, two sons Ayal and Idan, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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POST "9/11+10": Digging in for the Long Haul

For one reason or another people look forward to this upcoming milestone with something akin to fatalism--breakthrough or bust!--and lean one way or another. Consider me among the pessimists--sort of. The subject of a post-10th anniversary let down should be addressed now, not after it happens, and that requires us to administer to ourselves the buzzkill of considering that things might go wrong.

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New Book by Slain Pakistani Reporter Tells ALL (SATIRE)

It's all starting to come together and make sense.  The ISI has a lot of explaining to do!  They wouldn't have murdered Shahzad if what he said wasn't true.

Slain Pakistan's journalist's Mumbai attack theories from beyond the grave

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