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AE911Truth Action Alert

April 21, 2010  

AE911Truth is Now a 501c3 Tax-exempt Non-Profit
A Great Opportunity to Join the Family of Sustaining Supporters
Dear AE911Truth Petition Signers, supporters and friends

We are delighted to announce that the IRS has approved our application for tax exempt status. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is now a 501c3 non-profit corporation. This means that donations made to our organization will be tax-deductible - as allowed by laws and regulations.

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Information Clearing House Publisher Threatened

Just came across this: 

Mike Whitney – Fly by News August 6, 2008

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essay by Rabbi Michael Lerner

For those who wish to see Judaism survive the twenty-first century, a
major first step is to separate the religion from its current identity
with the policies of a national state that has lots of Jews living in
it and that has succeeded in getting many Jews around the world
identifying it as "The Jewish State."


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Jewish Liberals to Launch A Counterpoint to AIPAC

perhaps this is old news around here? Anyway I thought it was an interesting story I read today;

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/04/14/AR2008041402647.html (Wash Post Story)

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you don't say

In the World Trade Center case, critics contend the engineering society
wrongly concluded skyscrapers cannot withstand getting hit by
airplanes. ...

Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, a structural engineer and forensics expert,
contends his computer simulations disprove the society's findings that
skyscrapers could not be designed to withstand the impact of a

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private posts

hey Gretavo -

can you re-enable private posts?

I would like to chat non publicly some time soon.


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poll i noticed on digg


whoa look at the results.


that nader clip was nice too.  all Tucker can do is change the subject and talk out both sides of his mouth.

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Alternet side swipe

was just reading an article on alternet and came across a sideswipe of the CD movement:

"because George W. Bush gained a political advantage from the 9/11 attacks and told a thousand lies to justify the war in Iraq, it's proof that his operatives planted explosives in the World Trade Center and set them off an hour or so after the planes hit."


Can you spot the logical fallacy? Anyway, nothing big, just thought I'd mention.



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someone shut off America's security alarm on 9/11

[references a recent Bollyn article (is that ok?)]

At the risk of getting raving foaming mouth tunnel vision, I suggest the following article;


"9-11 was also a sophisticated computer crime, carried out through
long-term foreign infiltration of the most sensitive U.S. military and
government computer networks.

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red chips, gray chips, cool chips, gay chips

gay as in happy, christmassy. Anyway... From the apt . 911b - Prof Jones latest. May be old news, I haven't been getting out much but thought this was interesting, at least worth a mention:

Announcing a discovery: Red/gray bi-layered chips in the WTC dust


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on the topic of WTC Demo

Hi castaways - Just wanted to share that Winter Patriot has posted an entertaining article on the now available Seffen article. Of course in the big picture, it may not be the validity of the content that counts so much as the falsely created impression to the casual observer (majority of americans?

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Reply from Senator Dianne Feinstein re: 9/11

Apparently Senator Feinstein gets so many inquiries alleging government involvement in 9/11 that a pre-drafted form response goes out to us questioners:

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Lots of ISEs lately

Internal Server Errors - any idea what's up?

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Approving comments - fun for Tahooey

For the first time I checked out the comment queue - i deleted 2 spams and approved one legit comment ("Well," under 'whats going on').  Good deal not having that spam crap show up, but too bad the annoymouse's gotta wait - overall it's the lesser of two evils.

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whoa this might be too much authority for me

being well aware of the power of power to corrupt....

anyway so you're saying i can post stuff like Peter Tosh was killed on 9/11 ('87) and he spoke out against injustice in Palestine (Equal Rights, '77).  His murder was very suspicious - a robbery where nothing was taken, and only 1 of 3 (the patsy?) was captured.  Is there something to the whole numerology thing... perhaps... or is this all a total random coincidence?

Clicking private so my "paranoia" won't be held against the rest of you :) 

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As if this wasn't part of the plan all along...

one of the long term goals of the 911 planners?
U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa
From Haaretz.com via Rawstory;

The United States has asked Israel to check the possibility of pumping oil from Iraq to the oil refineries in Haifa. The request came in a telegram last week from a senior Pentagon official to a top Foreign Ministry official in Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister's Office, which views the pipeline to Haifa as a "bonus" the U.S. could give to Israel in return for its unequivocal support for the American-led campaign in Iraq... more (full article via Rawstory)

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Truth in print ... ?

I once started a local newspaper and worked as its managing editor for 6 months. The interest and response to our new publication was surprising and encouraging. The experience has often made me think that a professionally produced Truth publication (on newsprint) might have an enormous impact because so many people have never had the opportunity to be exposed to the information that convinced us that something needs to be done.

This would be a monthly publication on small newsprint with 8 pages containing 10 to 15 articles of various lengths featuring stories chosen from online or newly written articles covering different aspects of the questions, facts, and controversies surrounding 9-11 and the individuals involved.

Ideally the publication would appear (and be) completely unbiased and present the facts objectively and leave conjecture up to the subjects of the articles.

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random thoughts for today

I just registered and I'm giving this blog function a try.

I don't know where this guy stands on 911 truth but he's got some great quotes on his site, a few that remind me of what we go through in attempt to spread the truth.

A tiny extraction:

The only fool bigger than the person who knows it all is the person who argues with him.

Teaching is like dropping letters into the mailbox of the mind. You know when they're posted but not when delivered, if read, or action taken. --HBS Prof Christensen

(the same could well be said of blog postings...)

"Doubt your doubts and radiate optimism."

"I shall pass through this world but once; any good things, therefore, that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, or dumb animal, let me do it now. Let me not deter it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." --John Galsworthy

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