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Angerine baby

1.86 MB

Just me fillin it up again! :P
you might recognize this one,

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Todays Truth Rap

1.08 MB

ah peace and quiet + got my bass back from my friend = new audio experiment.

Hope it's not scary and horrible, me tearing up some notes and rapping, if that's what you can call it.

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b.i.b. blues

1.98 MB

one of these days i'll have some peace and quiet to make something new. but for now here's another bit from the hard drive.

Hope everyone is feeling well and doing good things.


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Kali loves rock'n'roll

2 MB

Spam! Again, I have to cut this short before it kicks in a little harder again later. I might try VBR to get the most out of the 2 megs, but not today. This one's pretty...driving. Hope you enjoy!

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the chaos caravan

1.93 MB

Please consider this just a rough draft -- it starts abruptly, the structure is unsound, and some transitions are just...meh. BUT, and that's why I'm uploading it, it's quite groovy. Tell me if you agree, and, if possible, drop me some hints for a sound song structure -- it's really not my forte :(

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overdryve by bruce1337

2 MB

Ah well, this is just some pretty general dance music of the electro genre, with a nonsensical title made up on the fly. The monotonous carrier midrange thingie later breaks and becomes more melodic, but alas, 2mb doesn't suffice. Anyway, if you turn it up generously, you should definitely be able to get jiggy with it!

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Hollywood, D.C. (No Recall)

1.85 MB

This is something from back in the days of Iran-Contra I did on a four track. Check out Senator Daniel Inouye at the end...

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1.14 MB

here's an old song i recorded today, more in the folk vein than my usual endeavors. hope someone will enjoy listening as much as i enjoyed playing it.

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1.85 MB

OK here is something original i dug from the hard drive. It's friday night, get your incense burners out... and maybe this will inspire you.

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You didn’t fall
from the sky above
And I didn’t see you there
When they invented love
And even though I think you’re worthy
of the holy grail
I know you couldn’t turn this water
Into ginger ale
But then I couldn’t work a miracle
To save my life
And something tells me I’m not cut out
for the Christian life

A week ago I didn’t need you
But that doesn’t mean
That I remember what you looked like
when I hadn’t seen
how bright your smile is even on
the darkest rainy day
but then again if I were with you
it would never rain anyway

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