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cadiz by bruce1337

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Hey everybody! I'm still here, lurking. Feels like everything's been said -- or I'm just too lazy for typing. I wasn't too lazy to make some music, however, and wanted to share.

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hopefully you all will like this one, a solo instrumental version.

great job with all the truthing Jpass & everyone, we're seeing the impact.

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Acoustic Coffee

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OK no singing this time, just me trying to play nice on my guitar, with maybe a cup too much coffee in me...

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A fateful Day

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a new song i made up trying and capture the angst of harvard protestors. probably way off the mark. much closer to my own anger instead. Anyway, here's what it is.

you ask me why i'm angry today
you asked if its be cuz the sky is gray
but if you knew the truth then you'd feel this way
i've told you bout the truth before


it all goes back to a fateful day
and before that another fateful day
and fateful days upon fateful days
coincidence isn't enough

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back from hyperspace

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ah, it's soothing :)

Guess I channeled my cuddle-energies, there.

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surfing the universe

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From the depths of my hard drive, here goes some really psychedelic dance music -- alas, I had to cut it very short, I'm afraid :(

Anyway, it's not done, yet, and once I'm finished, I'll up a full length version to rapidshare and post the link...

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CPUweed by bruce1337

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I think my CPU is smoking. Hope this'll brighten your day, folks.

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advent of the ice queen by bruce1337

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If you like classical music, check it out.

PS: Updated. And I'm humbled by your appreciation!

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circuit funk by bruce1337

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There are people who claim electronic music lacks something traditional instrumental music doesn't -- soul, if you will. This is my humble attempt to prove 'em wrong -- a wannabe e-guitar screamin' synthie groovin'. Hope you enjoy!

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