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Israeli civics teacher fired for criticizing army operations

Haaretz - Sat, 2020-01-18 22:04
Dr. Meir Baruchin, who taught for 30 years and initiated meetings between Jewish and Arab students, was fired over opinions he expressed on his Facebook page

Bennett orders Israeli army to bar left-wing activists from entering West Bank

Haaretz - Sat, 2020-01-18 20:53
Defense minister's decision targets activists operating with the 'Anarchists Against the Wall' organization; one of them is a Haaretz employee who was arrested last week

The bid to clean up Africa’s gold rush

Haaretz - Sat, 2020-01-18 20:24
By refining gold – in some cases obliging producers and traders to sell their gold to home-grown refineries – states hope to capture value that is being lost
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