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Putin tells mother of jailed American-Israeli woman ‘everything will be all right’

JTA - Thu, 2020-01-23 15:31

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the mother of Naama Issachar, the American-Israeli woman jailed in Russia for drug smuggling, and told her “everything will be all right.”

Putin met with Yaffa Issachar during his meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. He arrived in Israel on Thursday morning to participate in the World Holocaust Forum at Yad Vashem in the Israeli capital.

Following the meeting, Putin said in a statement: “It is clear that Naama comes from a very good family. The Prime Minister’s position is known to me – to decide appropriately. All of this will be taken into account when a decision is made. Today, Naama will meet with the person responsible for maintaining human rights in Russia. Her mother was very moving and supports her daughter. I said to her and I will say it again – everything will be all right.”

Yaffa Issachar later told reporters that Putin did not give her a specific date for the release of her daughter but that she is optimistic.

“He promised he would bring the girl home,” she said.

Naama Issachar, 26, was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison in October following her conviction for smuggling marijuana into the country. She had been detained since April after 9 grams (less than one-third of an ounce) of marijuana were found in her luggage at the airport in Moscow where she was transiting from India to Israel.

She grew up in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and returned to Israel with her parents when she was 16.

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Trump White House reportedly again credentials website that called impeachment a ‘Jew coup’

JTA - Thu, 2020-01-23 15:26

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The Trump White House has again credentialed TruNews, the outlet that called the impeachment of President Donald Trump a “Jew coup,” this time to cover Trump’s visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The White House Correspondents Association confirmed to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday that the White House had credentialed TruNews for the Davos trip and said it was raising the issue with the White House.

The White House did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Rick Wiles, the pastor who runs TruNews, said in a broadcast from Davos that the White House had extended the invitation and gloated that “there are a lot of people in society very upset that TruNews is showing up in these places.”

Wiles, a fervent Trump supporter, along with using the TruNews platform to call the impeachment a “Jew coup,” has said Jews want to kill millions of Christians and has called Jews “deceivers” who “plot, they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda.”

Jewish groups and lawmakers who had asked the White House to look into the outlet’s previous accreditation, for a Trump news conference in 2018, decried the latest incident.

“Unacceptable is an understatement,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, said on Twitter.

Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Fla., who had joined last year with Rep. Elaine Luria, D-Va., in calling on the White House to declare it would no longer allow TruNews access, noted the coincidence of the revelation with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Deutch is marking the anniversary in Israel.

“I can’t believe the day before I attend an event at Yad Vashem marking 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz, anti-Semites were given White House credentials to broadcast from European soil,” Deutch said on Twitter.

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White House reportedly credentials again website that called impeachment a ‘Jew Coup’

The Forward - Thu, 2020-01-23 15:26
“There are a lot of people in society very upset that TruNews is showing up in these places,” said the pastor who runs the outlet.

With Lev Leviev gone: The era of the tycoons in Israel is over

Haaretz - Thu, 2020-01-23 15:14
The masters of the local universe have been laid low. The new tycoon is a high-tech entrepreneur, and that’s a big improvement

Germany's pro-Israel left has a new target in the crosshairs: Jews

Haaretz - Thu, 2020-01-23 15:07
Ideas and opinions that can be voiced freely in Israeli academia will spark a big backlash in Berlin, led by the Antideutsche movement

Russia's Putin dedicates monument to victims of Leningrad siege in Jerusalem

Haaretz - Thu, 2020-01-23 14:40
Up to 1.5 million people died in the 3-year siege of the city by the German army; Russian president commemorates victims while in Israel for World Holocaust Forum

U.S. bars Iranians entry on trade and investment visas

Haaretz - Thu, 2020-01-23 14:39
Iranians already in the country with these visas must leave once their authorized stay expires

The man building makeshift boats to escape Israel for Mother Russia

Haaretz - Thu, 2020-01-23 14:39
In 2005, a Russian-born ironworker named Michael Chaiyevsky was caught trying to escape Israel aboard a raft that he built from an old Citroen. Since then he’s been refining his vessels in the hope that in the end he’ll succeed to sail away someday

UAE to screen passengers on China flights after virus outbreak

Haaretz - Thu, 2020-01-23 13:50
Dubai airport is world's third busiest

Earliest mosaic in the world found in Turkey

Haaretz - Thu, 2020-01-23 13:45
Intricate stone floor by a possible temple and cuneiform texts indicate that Usakli Hoyuk may have been the lost Hittite city of Zippalanda, suggests archaeologist Anacleto D’Agostino

The six-year-old who arrived at Auschwitz the day the gassings stopped

Haaretz - Thu, 2020-01-23 13:06
Palo Shelah, protected only by his 11-year-old brother, experienced the final months when the mass murder at the camp turned into a different kind of chaos
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