Gantz annexed to the right

Wed, 2020-01-22 01:49

Palestinians paint murals in Jerusalem, looking Israeli occupation in the eye

Tue, 2020-01-21 23:14
A total of 150 colorful murals are planned for Silwan, and when completed, will drastically alter the neighborhood’s appearance: 'The staring eyes say to people we see them and they should see us too'

The war is over, but Syria's economic misery is growing worse

Tue, 2020-01-21 23:09
Amazingly, now of all times the currency is plummeting and inflation is rising and the regime has no solutions except to jail speculators

Soldiers open fire at Palestinians who crossed into Israel from Gaza

Tue, 2020-01-21 21:45
Three suspects launch an explosive device at a military force several hundred meters inside Israeli territory, army says

Left-wing leaders slam Gantz's annexation vow, claim he 'fell into the right's trap'

Tue, 2020-01-21 20:58
In election rally, Amir Peretz says Jordan Valley annexation 'should be decided in negotiations,' as Netanyahu doubles down on promise to 'apply Israeli sovereignty without delay'

Palestinian prime minister to Haaretz: 'The fact that we even survive is a miracle'

Tue, 2020-01-21 20:26
Palestinians must 'disengage from our colonial dependence on Israel,' strengthen their economy and assert their political will, Mohammad Shtayyeh says in an interview. He explains the four wars Israel is waging against the Palestinians, and why the alphabet soup cooked up in the Oslo Accords needs to be scrapped

Chagall painting stolen 24 years ago to be auctioned in Israel

Tue, 2020-01-21 20:20
For 19 years, no one knew what had happened to the painting. Then, in 2015, a woman in Jerusalem died, and her family found the painting in a safe

75 years on, Holocaust survivors struggle to recover property in Poland

Tue, 2020-01-21 20:08
Home to one of the world's largest Jewish communities before the war, Poland is the only EU country that has not legislated on property restitution

New Lebanese government set to be announced amid deep economic crisis

Tue, 2020-01-21 19:56
Political sources say mostly technocratic cabinet would be made up of 20 ministers

Brazil charges Glenn Greenwald with cybercrimes

Tue, 2020-01-21 19:22
Greenwald, who became a household name for his involvement in the Edward Snowden leaks, blasted Brazil's government: 'Does not believe in basic press freedoms'

U.S. journalist freed in Lebanon after false allegations of reporting for Haaretz

Tue, 2020-01-21 19:07
Israeli newspaper denies any connection to freelance journalist detained for nearly two days, saying video from protests showing him on its Facebook page was a feed from an international news agency

U.S. House speaker Pelosi visits Auschwitz before anniversary

Tue, 2020-01-21 18:07
From Poland, Pelosi and the bipartisan delegation of six Congress members will travel to Israel to attend a conference marking the anniversary of the death camp’s liberation

Netanyahu and Likud abruptly part ways with former Trump campaign advisers

Tue, 2020-01-21 18:04
Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie were brought on board to advise the Likud election campaign and abruptly left Israel in the past few days

ICC delays Israel-Palestine debate because prosecutor exceeded page limit

Tue, 2020-01-21 17:50
Meanwhile, Netanyahu calls for sanctions on the international court for its 'full-frontal' attack on the Jewish people's right to live in Israel

Could Kushner’s Israel visit this week signal release of Trump's Mideast peace plan?

Tue, 2020-01-21 17:32
Israeli officials are convinced the Trump peace plan will be published before the March 2 election. Gantz was initially opposed to the idea but is now on board. Meanwhile, U.S. experts are wary, questioning who would benefit

Russian airstrike kills nine in Syria, including family with six children

Tue, 2020-01-21 17:07
Warplanes targeted a farm on the outskirts of Aleppo, as well as areas of Idlib, despite ceasefire between Turkey and Russia

Hillary Clinton slams Bernie Sanders: 'Nobody likes him'

Tue, 2020-01-21 16:11
Clinton piles on Sanders as the Vermont senator spars with former Vice President Joe Biden’s record on Social Security

Iran’s weak point

Tue, 2020-01-21 16:04

Iraqi forces kill one as anti-government protest takes over Baghdad highway

Tue, 2020-01-21 15:55
Meanwhile, outgoing Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi condemnes an overnight rocket attack on the Baghdad Green Zone