Meet the legal crusader fighting Israel’s Kahanists and exclusionists — and winning

Tue, 2019-12-10 23:49
Orly Erez-Likhovski is a key warrior in the battle against extremism in Israel, including the ongoing struggle to secure an egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall

In campaign’s final days, British Jews lament the ‘hold your nose election’

Tue, 2019-12-10 23:48
Revelations about anti-Semitism keep plaguing the Labour Party, while a victory for the Conservatives contradicts most U.K. Jews' stance on Brexit

Over 300 Saudi military aviation students in U.S. grounded after Navy base shooting

Tue, 2019-12-10 23:47
Incident raised questions about U.S. military relationship with Saudi Arabia, which has come under heightened scrutiny over the war in Yemen and Khashoggi's killing

Israeli-Palestinian trade war looms as cattle dispute lingers, defense officials warn

Tue, 2019-12-10 23:33
After Israel allowed Palestinians to import cattle, the PA lifted its boycott of Israeli ranchers. But pressed Israeli farmers want Palestinians to buy more, and are threatening with a boycott of Palestinian vegetables

Why Boris Johnson is good for the Israeli economy, according to British-Israeli industrialist

Tue, 2019-12-10 23:22
Terry Newman explains why Brexit will do good for Israel's trade agreements with its third-largest export market

Gulf leaders attend Saudi Arabia summit as Iran fears overcome Qatar blockade

Tue, 2019-12-10 23:18
Attacks blamed on Iran this summer have unnerved the region, giving way to signs of diplomatic thaw

Several dead in shootout at Jersey City kosher supermarket

Tue, 2019-12-10 23:01
Two gunmen and a police officer killed, with authorities saying no indication of terrorism

Iranian weapons storage tunnel detected on Syria-Iraq border, satellite images show

Tue, 2019-12-10 22:02
Tunnel reportedly appears to be meant for storing advanced weapons and large vehicles to protect them from air attack

Bank of Israel intervention needs to be bold to halt shekel gains

Tue, 2019-12-10 21:32
The shekel has gained more than 7% this year against the dollar, making it one of the world’s strongest currencies

U.S. bans entry to former Saudi diplomat in Turkey over Khashoggi murder

Tue, 2019-12-10 21:28
Former Saudi consul general barred from entering the U.S. as Trump argues that Washington must not risk its alliance with Riyadh

Palestinians ask Israel to let East Jerusalem residents vote in PA election

Tue, 2019-12-10 21:08
East Jerusalemites voted in the last election in 2006, a year before Hamas took over in the Gaza Strip ? Israeli ministers to discuss request

Israeli student beaten on Paris Metro train after he was heard speaking Hebrew

Tue, 2019-12-10 20:56
Incident reported by France’s National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism comes week after gov't announced that it would establish a hate crimes office

24 hours to deadline, Kahol Lavan surges in election poll as Gantz, Netanyahu trade barbs

Tue, 2019-12-10 20:53
Despite leaders' statements on last-minute efforts to form a unity government and end political deadlock, lawmakers already tabled a bill to dissolve parliament

Another shameful Israeli act in Malka Leifer case furthers Australian distrust

Tue, 2019-12-10 20:11
The latest in the legal circus that is accused rapist's extradition affair, hearing delayed because psychiatrists 'hadn't noticed' it was set

Israeli towns to provide welfare funds for asylum seekers – two years late

Tue, 2019-12-10 19:51
The neglect in allotting earmarked funds only came to light after a High Court petition

In unprecedented step, Israeli minister bars Palestinian governor of Jerusalem's work

Tue, 2019-12-10 19:48
Move comes after Justice Ministry opinion approval, although law only says public security minister can ban events and says nothing about banning individuals' activities

Why Israel can and must help as Jordan's economy implodes

Tue, 2019-12-10 18:53
The kingdom’s economy risks going the route of Lebanese chaos. Its neighbor can help by creating business and jobs before it’s too late

As pilgrims descend on Bethlehem for Christmas, Palestinians look beyond religious tourism

Tue, 2019-12-10 18:47
A new form of tourism has taken root, focused on the city's residents, their culture and history and their struggles under Israeli occupation

Erdogan names Trump, Putin among leaders whom he admires

Tue, 2019-12-10 18:15
In a Q&A with university students, Erdogan said he struggles to name a current inspirational leader from Europe