Netanyahu ordered to repay cousin $30,000 he received for legal defense

1 hour 45 min ago
Committee will not reconvene to discuss Netanyahu's request to allow tycoon to fund defense in corruption trial

Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell arrested in New Hampshire

2 hours 1 min ago
Maxwell was accused by many women of recruiting them to give Epstein massages, during which they were pressured into sex

Coronavirus crisis endangers Iranian President Rohani's political health

2 hours 13 min ago
With the Iranian economy plummeting to new lows, many lawmakers are targeting the president ahead of next year’s election – and even the supreme religious leader isn’t immune to criticism

De Blasio takes on Trump after president calls Black Lives Matter 'symbol of hate'

2 hours 29 min ago
N.Y.C. mayor blasts Trump's criticism of decision to paint 'Black Lives Matter' mural on 5th Avenue tweeting, 'the fact that you see it as denigrating your street is the definition of racism'

All that promised gas tax money that could serve Israel during crisis? It’s not there

3 hours 59 min ago
The Knesset can permit the fund to loan money to the Finance Ministry in unusual situations that hurt the economy. But the 'wealth fund' hasn't actually taken in any new money over the last four years

Swiss president speaks with President Rivlin on annexation, offers to mediate

4 hours 14 min ago
In a phone conversation, Swiss president says country ready to use its 'well proven mediation skills' to restart a meaningful dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians

Sudan's bid to ban genital mutilation sparks hope, caution

4 hours 53 min ago
Sudan’s transitional authorities are expected to outlaw the procedure in a country where nearly 87 percent of women between 15 and 49 are estimated to have undergone some form of mutilation

Hundreds of social workers protest across Israel, threaten general strike

5 hours 13 min ago
Protesters, holding signs with slogans expressing frustration over low salaries, heavy workloads and violence against them, demonstrated in dozens of cities

This Sudanese asylum seeker from Tel Aviv could be competing in next year's Olympics

6 hours 41 min ago
Jamal Mohammed was just 8 when militants raided his village, killing his father and nearly 100 other residents. Fleeing at 16, he put his life back on track at an athletic club in south Tel Aviv and now dreams of competing in Tokyo

'Incident' damages construction near Iran nuclear site

7 hours 13 min ago
No plans for construction work at the site, which is Iran's largest nuclear enrichment facility, had been announced. The affected building was not part of the site itself

Congo files: Cash was deposited into Dan Gertler's accounts, then millions were transferred to top Israeli figures

11 hours 14 min ago
Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler owns mines in the Congo ? In 2017 the U.S. imposed sanctions on him due to corrupt deals with the DRC's former president ? Documents from the African state reveal irregular cash deposits made by Gertler's associates into his accounts ? Some of the money was then sent to lawyers and advisers in Israel ? Gertler: 'The documents are stolen and fabricated'

High-tech VC impacts Israel’s economy more than high-profile exits do, central bank says

12 hours 22 min ago
New report shows that raising capital injects money in Israeli economy, while exits are often only 'a transfer of ownership between foreign bodies'

Iraq's leadership is finally setting limits on Iranian intervention

12 hours 35 min ago
All of a sudden, Iran's Quds Force chief needs a visa to enter Iraq, while PM Kadhimi is taking aim at Iran-leaning officials. Still, everyone knows real change only comes to those who wait

Rival Palestinian factions to oppose West Bank annexation in joint press conference

12 hours 36 min ago
Fatah and Hamas to make show of unity against Israel’s annexation plans ? Palestinian official says main purpose is to increase political pressure

As coronavirus cases rise, Health Ministry jealously guards data, harming response

12 hours 37 min ago
It's all there, but with nobody to see it: Crucial information necessary to efficiently minimize damage from coronavirus outbreak remains in Health Ministry coffers

Public security minister seeks to delay criminalization of johns

12 hours 43 min ago
Arguing that imposing fines is ineffective in dealing with prostitution clients, Amir Ohana wants to wait until therapeutic alternatives are available

Settler convicted of incitement for saying Jewish religious law condones killing a soldier

12 hours 54 min ago
District court reverses earlier acquittal of Nahum Ariel of the settlement of Yitzhar by the Petah Tivka Magistrate’s Court, on charges of incitement for writing a social media post

Israeli justice minister pledges to work to allow pregnancy surrogates for same-sex couples

13 hours 3 min ago
Kahol Lavan’s Avi Nissenkorn says bill would be backed by coalition and introduced by end of year ? Lawmaker in ultra-Orthodox party tells Haaretz that Haredi parties won’t allow it

Netanyahu is lying again

13 hours 9 min ago

Case against Israel's Attorney General 'should have been closed,’ says watchdog

13 hours 35 min ago
Refusal to close the case - which was used by Netanyahu supporters to discredit the AG - was 'unworthy,' says ombudsman